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    2025 Central District (D1)

    Olentangy Orange should be up there with the number of players they will have coming back. I believe they had just 4 or 5 seniors from this past year.
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    Central Ohio 2024 Storylines

    Did Delande ever receive a full ride scholarship while he was at Ohio State? If it wasn't because of the good system he came from in HS why didn't he either make a name for himself at OSU or atleast transfer to a school that would give him a better opportunity to play more like what Nick Goings did.
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    D1 Remaining Teams

    Grove City Regional: Olentangy Berlin vs Olentangy Orange, Olentangy Liberty vs Hilliard Bradley
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    Central Ohio 2024 Storylines

    The key for Orange will be how good the O line is, along with the defense.
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    Central Ohio 2024 Storylines

    OHS is his home school based off of where he lives . Liberty middle school was his home middle school, strange that he went to Shannahan middle school.
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    D1: Central District: Pre-Season Top 25

    Orange probably should've been the 2 seed over Grove City considering they soundly beat them in a head to head at GC earlier in the season.
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    Central Ohio 2024 Storylines

    Both Watterson or Hamilton Badin would be underdogs against any of the Olentangy schools. Last year even Orange would've been a very tuff game for Watterson, depending of course which Orange team showed up.
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    D1: Central District: Pre-Season Top 25

    10 of those 15 wins have come against teams from their league which includes the likes of Franklin Heights which account for two of those wins and one of the wins came against highly regarded Mifflin, though they do seem to have Westerville Norths number most of their games seemed to have been...
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    Tuesday April 23rd Scores

    Olentangy Berlin 6 Worthington Kilbourne 0 Berlin pitchers combine to throw a 3 hitter.
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    Central Ohio 2024 Storylines

    Berlin typically struggle with good teams? They won their league last year with the only regular season lost coming against state semi finalist Bradley, their lost to Coffman was without their starting QB. While they may not have as strong a schedule as Orange or Liberty, they did beat those two...
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    Central Ohio 2024 Storylines

    Did Desales QB transfer to Olentangy?
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    Final Scores (2/24)

    Cols West - 9 Pickerington Central - 103, How did people including those on the winning side, able to sit through those games? What does it say about the coaches and players for both losing schools to not be able to put in a better effort this late in the season, lack of talent aside?
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    How many baseball players trying out for your HS in 2024?

    Was told that Olentangy Orange had over 70 players.
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    D1: Central District: Pre-Season Top 25

    In the games I saw last year when Jerome faced any of the Olentangy schools they where soundly beaten on all levels.
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    D1: Central District: Pre-Season Top 25

    While Orange has to replace 17 players, their JV and Freshman teams where just as dominant in their league last year which could indicate that they have some good players coming up to replace the ones they lost.
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    Dublin Coffman 2023

    If the Day kid was looking to play next year, you would think he would already be enrolled at OHS, but of course since Tangy is his home public school he may wait until the end of the year.
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    OCC Expansion Again!

    There are homes still being built within Orange HS area. If anything continued growth with OHS and Berlin would have Orange getting back neighborhoods that it lost from the last re districting.
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    orange fb job

    Is this Olentangy Orange?
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    2023 OHSAA State Tournament

    No Olentangy Orange in your top five despite playing in the final and beating one of your five best in the semi's?
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    Dublin Coffman 2023

    It worked out well for the community of Dublin. Had all those players who went to Scioto stayed at Coffman, IMO they would've still lost to Westy South and not only not win the D1 state title (Ignatius won that and the national title that year in dominating fashion) they wouldn't have made it...