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    SouthWest Ohio Tourney Talk

    I’m not sure what SUA team you’ve been watching , but their style is anything but pretty. It’s mostly kick, Chase, bang, repeat. Hopefully the new AD will will fix the soccer program next as she has with the other failing programs. They can’t even get their top players to return year after year...
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    Week 7

    Yeah, my bad.
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    Week 7

    The VB coach won multiple state titles, so I’m sure that extended his stay.
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    Week 7

    I would expect to see a coaching change after another dismal season. SUA soccer has become a joke under this current staff.
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    Yellow card tossed at goalie for taking too long to kick..anyone ever seen that called?

    It should get called a lot more than it does, especially toward the end of close games. 6 seconds is the rule.
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    Pre-season scrimmages

    I know it’s hard to say at this point, but who looks good so far? Any surprises?
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    Top 100 clubs in the USA

    Youth sports has become a dirty business. All of the issues listed could apply to every club. Too much $$$ influencing clubs. The culture change at Kings Hammer happened very quickly once they became for profit. No longer concerned with player development and team culture; it’s now all about...
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    MND and Seton had great seasons last year and should both be solid this year, but Ursula was awful (6-8-2), definitely not top 3 in the city
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    Seton should be very good this season. Ursula could make a run if the coaches decide to take the top talent and not favor their club players and friends.
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    Open HC jobs in Cincinnati

    Any HC jobs opening up in the Cincinnati area? Have a friend who is looking. Thx
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    SW OH D1 Tourney - Week 2

    Just watched an amazing game of kickball. Mason 2 St Ursula 1. Final. I don’t see a ton of games these days, but the ones I have seen have all been kick-chase-foul repeat. Is this the formula in girls soccer now?
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    Top 10 active all time scorers

    when you say D1/D2 commit, what does that equate to in $$$? Just curious if these kids are getting money to play or just playing at the next level. Either way it’s a nice accomplishment.
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    Results with 2 weeks left

    Springboro would struggle if they played in Cincinnati.
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    Week 7...

    Monday: SUA vs Mercy McAuley SUA 1-0 Seton vs MND Draw MND 16-15 Wednesday: Seton vs SUA Seton 4-2 West Clermont vs Loveland Loveland 3-0 Wyoming vs Taylor Wyoming 4-0 Northmont vs Centerville Centerville 2-0 Thursday: Mason vs Lakota East Mason 3-0 Princecton vs Lakota West 1-1 Saturday...
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    Week 6..

    Both teams are terribly coached, especially SUA. I’m not sure how you cut kids who are D-1 level talent and still keep your job.
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    Week 2...

    Coaching and culture have been the issue at SUA for a while. Hopefully the new AD will turn it around.
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    Cincinnati Preseason Voting

    SUA has a ton of talent as they usually do. For some reason they can’t find coaches who can get the most out of the talent. It’s early, but it seems like this year will be the same.