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    Clinton-Massie Analysis

    You're an effing idiot. Check their 5 game out of conference schedule moron. Only one losing record and all 5 plus Wilmington, played in week 11 and them some. Waynesville is playing for a regional championship. The weak conference is what it is. Massie wasn't at their best and missing their...
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    D4 R16 2 Round Prediction

    CM plays Unioto in Rd 1
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    Week 7: Clinton Massie (2-4) vs Western Brown (5-1)

    This wannabe poster, little boy, is a classic jerk off hater who cowers behind his computer screen talking BS about a storied high school football program because he got cut as the water boy from his HS team and then failed to grow up to be the daughter his daddy always wanted. You make me...
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    Division IV Region 16

    And don't forget Massie was without 4 2-way starters last year during the playoffs. 2 did play against Waverly, but were far from 100%.
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    Has Badin or Massie found a week 9 game yet?

    That was my opinion, but a rumor said Badin didnt want the game anyway, though I can't speak to the accuracy of that? I reckon they'll both get an extra week of rest & prep for week 10. It's a damn shame so many games have been lost the last two seasons.
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    Has Badin or Massie found a week 9 game yet?

    That's a good idea! Hope they do! They've only had 2 home games this year.
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    Has Badin or Massie found a week 9 game yet?

    CM's Senior Night is Friday if they play.
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    Has Badin or Massie found a week 9 game yet?

    It's not about a blemish...why risk injury to starters this close to the playoffs? I think that would be stupid. Having 4 2-way starters out last year during CM's playoff run caught up with them against Wyoming.
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    Western Brown @ Clinton-Massie SBAAC Title Game

    Sort've...their defense assisted CM's offense 15yds at a time with each unsportsmanlike conduct/personal foul flag that was thrown against them...and there were a bunch of them!
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    2-0 Fenwick @ 0-1 Clinton-Massie

    The 5 guys in black & white stripes...two of which had Anderson stickers on their vehicles. We hear about about bad officiating every week of the season, but this was without a doubt...home field advantage. Anderson played an error free game, but it wasn't enough without their other 5 players.
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    2021 Division IV Poll Voting Discussion (Preseason)

    Share what you're smokin'...lolololol