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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2024

    You're 100% right. It's a football thread but before the Cavs were the Cavs ( Yellow Jackets) they were good in baseball. Made state 1st in baseball in the late 30s, early 40s. Fwiw 1st team to states had 3 kids who played pro ball. Ralph Weigel played in the majors. believe with White Sox and...
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    Who wins D4?

    Kettering Alter in DIV is interesting.
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    Glenville and its affiliation with Ginn Academy is not some malignant conspiracy. The interaction is designed to get boys in a healthy position to be 1st generation college students and break with certain cycles. As per Alter it will win more than it loses. The program does well, kids are...
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    GCL Co-ed 2023-24

    Good year for the league on the whole. Capped by a member title. Fwiw 2 toughest games on Alter's run were vs league teams w margins of 7 and 10. Versus the field ( 6) games avg margin was 32 pts. Sure didn't see that coming after CJ finale.. Badin sure turned it around 2nd part of the year- kudos.
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    You don't need a grain silo and cisterns to make a community.. Good thing ICHS folded in Celina now only have to fret about LCC or Lehman at playoff time. Guess Delphos St Johns gets an asterisk/criteria waver on the MAC wall of fame.
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    GCL Co-ed 2023-24

    If a red headed step child had a red headed step child it would be named Alter Baseball. The original sporting campus layout included a baseball field that was a complete joke. It was a batting cage fronting an obstacle course. Never graded, never seeded , never drained, despite the presence of...
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    To all the Karens

    The nature of the actual game belies the pissing and moaning. Maysville got down early. Alter NEVER trailed. Maysville had a puncher's chance coming in and they chose to jab bc they had near 0 paint presence. Played good 3 ball but were wildly out of balance. The 2-3 base D Alter uses does tease...
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    St. Ignatius basketball 2023-2024

    Major embarrassment for the AMDG cult. Get it right. Sad and so declasse'. Sam Wyche had it about right..Criminy.
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    St. Ignatius basketball 2023-2024

    Major embarrassment for the AMDG cult. Get it right. Sad and so declasse'. Sam Wyche had it about right..Criminy
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    Division II Final 4

    Does playing at UD give Alter a semi home court edge?
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    Who wins D2?

    Horse smells the barn. Uhls ( plural) know the way to UD.
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    GWOC 2023-2024

    Kinda refutesthe old saw @ interest/attendence being pegged to Parochial schools solely. Peeps in Centerville do know Springboro Pike rolls right to X?
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    GCL Co-ed 2023-24

    Fwiw it's pretty impressive given that SW is a tough corner historically. Won its 1st in '73, after couple near misses in 1st handful of teams. Win 60% of the titles speaks to continuity and a lot of floor burns.
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    GCL Co-ed 2023-24

    That season ending laydown at CJ was stanky. You don't bring it at this stage anyone can make any team pay. Maybe it brought some reality to Alter squad.
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    GWOC 2023-2024

    Not much love lost between Centerville and either Kettering school going a long way back. Still fights are verboten.
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    OHSAA Tournament Upsets

    Huge win for very young program and a big turnaround from the year before. New D1 schools usually struggle to establish a footprint; nice step forward for 0 Berlin.
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    High schools that you remember from years ago that no longer exist

    Cincinnati De Porres, Preble Monroe, Camden Shawnee, Gratis, Piqua Catholic, Sidney Holy Angels, Dayton Fairview, Colonel White, Nettie Lee Roth, Theodore Roosevelt Teddies and Celina Immaculate Conception. Imagine the latter being still existent and funded picking off the Catholic kids from MAC...
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    CHL 23-24

    Coed teams show pretty well in tourney despite beating each other up in their round robin format. With rare exceptions ( Carroll?) they dont duck much ooc..
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    GCL Co-ed 2023-24

    Fenwick won. CJ won. Facts. $$ bet Alter's aspirant 6th and 7th graders can recite Alter 101= beat Chaminade, win vs Fairmont, don't lose to Carroll. The Coed sorts itself...
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    GCL Co-ed 2023-24

    Can't articulate what best describes this version of Alter. Polite? They got enough size they should be absolutely pounding the boards and denying lane buckets. They have enough defensive backcourt depth to press. Everybody D2 coach in the state and every league opponent knows they'll roll out...