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  1. Matt Goeller

    Who wins D4?

    As good as Russia or Berlin may be, I suspect there is not any small town public school that plays Richmond Hts even up.
  2. Matt Goeller

    Who wins D2?

    I agree with just about every word of this post. The kiights have a very nice supporting cast for Greer, who is good but no likely the best player in D2. Lutheran West has to be the favorite in my opinion. I suspect Alter may have the best chance against them, but I will be surpirsed if they do...
  3. Matt Goeller


    just to clarify, Rubin has been on the varsity roster since his freshman year when he played 16 games and then played in 8 as a sophomore, though he was injured much of the season. I covered the team both seasons for the city's local newspaper.
  4. Matt Goeller

    Friday, January 26 Final Scores

    beat them by 30 earlier this year. the Gwoc is a topsy turvy place
  5. Matt Goeller

    Looking for some good games in the Miami Valley Jan 9-13

    FTTH 1=12 through 1-15 at Trent Arena in Kettering
  6. Matt Goeller

    Flyin' To The Hoop 2024...Fast Approaching

    i watch college hoops on TV and see lots of alumni from Beacon Orthopedics FTTH. Fond memories abound, Stop by if you recognize my face, Seems i meet new friends there every year.
  7. Matt Goeller

    Playoff attendance

    the games i have attended, 2 div 4 and 1 div 3 have been verybwell attended.
  8. Matt Goeller

    Region 18 Final: Coldwater (12-1) vs Liberty Center (13-0)

    But I have always thought they should change the school mascot to the "Ice" or the "Showers".
  9. Matt Goeller

    We should’ve saw this coming with Springfield

    This information is readilyavailable on the OHSAA website. St ed's has an adjusted enrollment of 953. Moeller has 786. Springifled 793. Visit for the entire list.
  10. Matt Goeller

    Alter vs Clinton Massie

    i will take Masse 22-17.
  11. Matt Goeller

    Alter vs Clinton Massie

    You should do some research on this subject.
  12. Matt Goeller

    Friday Finals (10/20/23)

    did aidan brown play?
  13. Matt Goeller

    Springfield (2-3) at Fairmont (3-2)

    The dropped pass in the end zone is the most obvious difference between a win and a loss, but these are young athletes and things like that happen. Hope the young man moves forward with success next time. It is reasonable to suggest some surprise that a team goes an entire game without...
  14. Matt Goeller

    Friday Night Finals (8/25/23)

    another poster had Wheelersburg losing to Mcnick
  15. Matt Goeller

    SWO King of the Spread Pickem': WEEK 2 GAMES

    ## Favorite _____________________Points __________ Underdog 01 LAKOTA WEST ______x_________ 7.5 ____________ Princeton 02 Wayne _______________________3.5 _______x______PICKERINGTON CENTRAL 03 Centerville __________x_________ 8.5 _____________DUBLIN COFFMAN 04 HILLIARD DAVIDSON _________ 5.5...
  16. Matt Goeller

    Week two where are you headed

    either Trotwood Madison at Fairmont or Valley View @ Milton Union
  17. Matt Goeller

    Coaching Openings

    i do not know at all.
  18. Matt Goeller

    Coaching Openings

    I hear there should be some good candidates for this one. They have a solid core of young returnees and a former head coach or two among Rogers' assistants.
  19. Matt Goeller

    2022 SWBL

    ok.. good...i know at one time Paul was the only one and was told he was the last. have to admit i have been on vacation and did not research it.