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    Vouchers (Good for Ohio or Not?)

    Here are some key points/questions that I have: Please correct me if I am wrong, but the voucher is for $8000. Therefore, if a student want to go to a private school, they can apply the $8000 to the cost, however, most schools' tuition is more than $8000. The student would have to make up the...
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    Job Openings

    Andy was just named Men's Coach at Little Miami High School - pending Board approval.
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    Coaching Position

    Head Boys Soccer Coach Edgewood High School (Trenton, OH). Interested individuals should send a cover letter and resume with references to Director of Athletics Larry Cox at
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    The rumor is Talawanda will be added to the SWBL once another school (4th addition) is found. Question is whose the 4th school? Clinton-Massie?
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    Soccer Position: Dayton Area

    Valley View High School is looking for a Women's Varsity Soccer Coach. If interested, please contact Andrew Marlatt, Director of Athletics, at