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    3 Person field event meets.

    Currently doing research for our next track season and trying to get a list together of relay meets or invitationals that take 3 field event athletes. We have some depth in events and want to give more kids a chance.
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    UPDATE (5/11) - Dillon Morlock - Updated - Shot - 71' 1" & 203' 9" Discus @ WCAL (#4/=#5 A-T) - Both D2 RECORDS!

    Javman83, speaking of the relays. Where would the Avon Lake Girls shot relay from the lakewood ranger relays place? I feel like relay of 44'10.5, 39'9.5, and 37'7.5 has to be very high up on the list.
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    All-Time Lists Update - UPDATED 4 November - Boys' 4x1,2,4,8 added

    Always awesome to look at the data, thank you for your service! Now if you really want to punish yourself, what about field event relays?
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    Massillon Tigers 2023 State Champions

    Congrats Tigers, what a game. It would be cool to see a list of all the D1 commits and offers that there were for each side. Seemed like the Jimmys and Joes were a lot more important than the Xs and Os last night!
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    Region 9: #1 Youngstown Ursuline vs #7 Chardon

    "Thank you Chardon" - every youngstown public school
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    Canfield at Ursuline

    I saw that the Canfield 8th grade team was very successful this year, are they all staying at Canfield? The Cards have done a good job of keeping their own recently.
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    Future of Boardman Football

    Jack Erickson - Ursuline AJ Snyder - Ursuline Blake Daniels - Ursuline Angelo Angellili - Ursuline Kingston Powell - Mooney Asaunte Mickle - Chaney All were prominent in the Boardman Jr High Program. Erickson, Snyder and Mickle arguably the best in their class leaving to go elsewhere...
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    No Stands or Access to Finish Line @Fitch

    It was pretty crowded in most places on Wednesday. Parking will be tough. They put all of the team camps where the old tennis courts use to be. There was no coach parking. The away stands weren't overflowing but were pretty crowded for a district semi day.
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    No Stands or Access to Finish Line @Fitch

    It's not there's no stands at the finish line, there is no access to the entire front stretch! You can't go on the field and outside the fence is a construction zone. If I'm a parent and the best view I have of my kid sprinting is from the opposite bleacher after I paid $15 or however much it...
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    No Stands or Access to Finish Line @Fitch

    As per usual Fitch is hosting a district and 2 regionals, however they are redoing their homestands and did not move the finish line. Throughout the season they have given no access to the field or even the finish line area. Spectators can only get about 50 feet away at the closest. Their...
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    No Finals in Throws at Invites

    Instead of going by time, I believe the invites should limit the throwers to 4 warm up throws. You want to take 3 discs or two shots at a time, that's fine just know you'll be cut off the next time. Nothing is worse than seeing a line of 15 throwers and a kid taking 3 powers in a row in disc...
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    Week 13: Division III Region 9 Semifinal #3 Ursuline Fighting Irish (10-2) vs #2 Canfield Cardinals (10-1)

    Canfield gonna be getting some extra mail this week
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    Week 13: Division III Region 9 Semifinal #3 Ursuline Fighting Irish (10-2) vs #2 Canfield Cardinals (10-1)

    Hey Jabronis, ONCE AGAIN, Boardman did not turn down either team. Boardman literally hosts Mooney every other year to play them so why would they turn down hosting a playoff game with them? Quit listening to SpartanAnon spew lies when he has no idea. Boardman probably has the Chardon Kenston...
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    Week 13: Division III Region 9 Semifinal #3 Ursuline Fighting Irish (10-2) vs #2 Canfield Cardinals (10-1)

    To clear up some information from this thread. Boardman wanted and completely expected to have Mooney SR. They were equally as shocked not to get it. My guess is that the state made sure a bigger division game got the biggest stadium as illogical as it is location wise. Finally the qb is Landon...
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    State Meet Top Events

    What events are you excited to watch or at least see the results of this weekend?
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    Lack of field event finals

    In a large invitational setting going 1 1 1 for throw and then finals is actually quicker than dragging along 2 2 for 4+ flights. I believe ease of running the meet has trumped the reason for the meet in the first place which is a disservice to the kids. I can't believe the amount of "premier"...
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    Lack of field event finals

    I have noticed in Northeast Ohio ever since the dawn of covid almost no meets have finals for field events. Even big invitationals like Glenoak and Optimist have fallen victim to this. Is this state wide? Is there any reasoning besides just to get people out of the venue because of covid?
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    Kill the District Meet.

    We had to petition to the head official as coaches to get our kids 1,1,1,1 at least at our league meet. It's definitely about ease for the officials under the disguise of covid and not having athletes wait around by each other. Not about "being for the kids" one bit.
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    Kill the District Meet.

    I think it would cool to bring more of a team aspect in to the whole tournament by having the whole teams advance and having a true team champion like cross. I know it would be difficult with finals and such but the non individual qualifying athletes could get a time in the prelims. Could even...