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    SWOH D1 Thread

    Just curious if the Fleming boys wear hard sole shoes and stomp all game long when they coach?
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    GMC 23-24

    Probably 15 years ago Lakota East played in the old Lakota High jerseys and the played at old Lakota High School against Woodward. It was pretty cool to see.
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    Favorite HS FB stadium?

    I used to live near DuPont Manual Stadium in Louisville, KY. Stadium built in the1920s in the old city area. Stone arched entrance, huge concrete bleachers on both sides. Seats over 14K if I remember correctly. Never saw a game there but walked in the stadium a few times. It was kind of run...
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    GMC Basketball 22-23

    That was a great game. East needed 2 more dudes to spell #1 for a few Minutes. Clint Adkins, hell of a coach. Moe Mafia rolls on.
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    Moeller Alums Officiating?

    I know these high school officials are not professionals but that offensive pass interference call on 82 from Saint X was bad. Must be a crew of Moeller alums on the whistle down in Norwood tonight. And this is coming from someone that does not have a dog in the fight.
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    GMC Football Pick'em Week 10

    Fairfield by 42 Hamilton by 17 West by 31 Oak Hills by 10 Princeton by 7 Wayne by 13
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    Basketball History

    Yeah I saw Gansey on there too. I wonder if Mickey’s parents were Yankee fans. Haha.
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    Basketball History

    Mickey Mental, great name!
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    GMC Football Pick'em Week 9

    Colerain by 10 East by 6 Mason by 7 West by 30 Princeton by 42 Moe Mafia by 7
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    GMC Football Pick'em Week 8

    West by 10 East by 3 Mason by 27 Hamilton by 7 Princeton by 28 Springfield by 3
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    GMC Football Pick'EM Week 7

    Colerain Fairfield West Princeton East Elder Kings
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    GMC Football Pick'em Week 6

    Fairfield East West Sycamore Colerain Kings
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    Week 5: Lakota West (4-0) at Princeton (4-0)

    How long does Bolden continue to coach? if West is beating Princeton 2-0 in JV and losing 30-0 at the freshman level, is he going to stick around and coach much more after this group of sophomores and juniors and seniors graduate? Or does he have it in him to continue to recruit the district...
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    GMC Football Pick'EM Week 5

    Hamilton by 15 Mason by 20 Fairfield by 31 Princeton by 4 Colerain by 7 St X by 10 Northmont by 6
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    Where are all the Colerain Faithful?????

    Bolden now gets every good player from the entire lakota school district which is the 7th or 8th largest in the state. lakota East might as well disband it’s football program for a few years until Bolden retires.
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    GMC Football Pick'EM Week 4

    Colerain Fairfield Princeton West East Anderson
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    GMC Football Pick'EM Week 3

    Fairfield Princeton Mason Middletown West Fairmont
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    Week 2: Lakota West @ Lakota East

    I do remember the old matchups at Galbreath Field and maybe one or 2 were played up in Oxford at Miami U’s stadium. I always thought that if the old Lakota High field would’ve been kept up, it would have been fun to play it there. But that stadium had minimal parking and very little seating...
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    GMC Football Pick'EM Week 2

    Mason by 6 West by 27 Fairfield by 17 Princeton by 10 Sycamore by 12 Elder by 3
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    GMC Football Pick'em Week 1

    Fairfield Princeton Kings East X Lincoln Loveland Turpin Hamilton Colerain