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    Transfer rule

    What if a kid has never attended public school? How would that be a transfer if they have been in private school their whole educational life ? Same argument every Catholic kid should go to a catholic school, same as if u live in district u should go to that school, u are either basing on...
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    New Numbers in 2024-2025

    D3 was harder last year then D2.
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    Defiance College HC

    Good luck coach!
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    Im a Buckeye

    They grew up in Michigan, I believe they moved right before high school to Ohio. They have pretty much always trained with BTW. I’ve heard OSU gave him a pretty lucrative offer.
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    What’s does the contract pay and for how many months
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    2024-25 team

    Last year he was at Ed’s, this year Desales, as long as he makes a bona fide move, he is eligible right away to compete
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    Coach Resigns
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    NHSCA this weekend !!

    Final stats?
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    NHSCA this weekend !!

    What Ohio guys are attending and have a strong shot at placing high or winning? This was always one of my favorite events to attend with my kids.
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    Elevate Wrestling Academy - Medina OH.

    Solid staff I’m sure this will be a great place to train.
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    16 year old freshman and 20year old seniors .

    I always told kids, control what you can control.
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    Jonathan Alder -Ron Thomas Tournament Looking to add teams

    What is tourney style? Pool to bracket or just bracket? How many matches?
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    D 1 106 Final

    That ref that had that match thinks he is never wrong and interjects himself in every match everytime. His helper ref is no better, they are both from the Dayton area.
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    2024 Boro Fan Almanac

    Ok, what did Shulaw do? He set the in record for state tourney
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    2024 Boro Fan Almanac

    Shulaw’s pinned for the finals, Joy didn’t get bonus I don’t believe , what are u using to compare ?
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    Will the State Tournament be moved in the near future?

    They don’t use full size mats, they use jh size mats
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    Will the State Tournament be moved in the near future?

    Currently the Schott is the only place that can have 10 mats down and has enough space for a warmup area, so before you post all the other suggestions keep the space in mind.
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    OHWAY Brackets????

    Since the beginning of time not till after weighins
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    State Tournament Stats

    You can’t find track from back then because it wasn’t ohsaa sanctioned, so really the most anyone can have is 2x state champ, the others were coaches association and had no qualifying .
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    Freshmen of the Year: Burnett, Boyle, and Zmorowski

    Plus Danny wasn’t at a freshman weight, Derion was.