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    2024 Inter-Valley Conference Schedules and Discussion

    I agree it's pointless, the bigger schools gain nothing by playing the crossover games, they could add a bigger OOC game. And the small school gets beat up maybe once in awhile a good Malvern team. But it's IMHO it's a lose lose situation for all parties.
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    Mooney plays Garaway week 4
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    2024 Inter-Valley Conference Schedules and Discussion

    Alright suspense is too much, Garaway schedule as follows 1. Riverview Black Bears H 2. Waynedale Golden Bears H 3. West Muskingum Tornados @ 4. Youngstown Cardinal Mooney Cardinals H 5. Malvern Hornets H 6. Claymont Mustangs @ 7. Indian Valley Braves H 8. Tuskey Valley Trojans @ 9. Sandy...
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    2024 Inter-Valley Conference Schedules and Discussion

    I already know lol and it should be a great game.
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    District upsets ?

    What's more impressive is he is a 215 pounder that bumped up as he thought he would have a better chance at 285. Clayton Downs is his name great kid senior who gambled almost backfired but willed his way to State.
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    Losing on purpose

    Exactly screw the ppl that don't like it boo who. Smart move.
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    Losing on purpose

    I Love this, I don't care who's upset the kid seen a opportunity to punch his ticket to state as a Senior almost worked out. No different then bumping up a weight to increase your odds.
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    2024 Inter-Valley Conference Schedules and Discussion

    Claymont 5-5 Garaway 8-1 Indian Valley 9-1 Ridgewood 7-3 Sandy Valley 3-7 TCC 0-10 T.V 6-4 Strasburg 4-6 Newcomerstown 6-4 Malvern 8-2 East Canton 3-7 BT 5-5
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    Sandy Valley Sectional

    Teams 1. Bellaire Big Red 2. Bridgeport Bulldogs 3. Conotton Valley Rockets 4. Edison Wildcats 5. Federal Hocking Lancers 6. Fort Frye Cadets 7. Garaway Pirates 8. Harrison Central Huskies 9. Malvern Hornets 10. Martins Ferry Purple Riders 11. Meadowbrook Colts 12. Reedsville Eastern Eagles...
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    IVC Wrestling Tournament

    Honestly I don't know what's with the that guy I know Garaway lost some matches that I thought would of won. I knew Ridgewood would be right their as Garaway has wrestled them quite a bit this year. Both Ridgewood and Garfield IMHO are the biggest risers in the IVC. Garaway is very young with...
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    IVC Wrestling Tournament

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    2024 Open / Unknowns Part II

    Heard a rumor that Garaway has been linked to Mooney that would be a great week 4 match up but again just a rumor.
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    NEW Rakings - February 6

    Noticed Lakewood Duels you have Glenoak Highland Garaway Whitehall Yearling Lakewood You have Logan Elm listed But West geauga has them going to the Duels no biggie Im just letting you know boro.
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    2024 Garaway Peg Leg Scuffle Tournament

    Teams 1. Akron Firestone Falcons 2. Akron North Vikings 3. Claymont Mustangs 4. Carrollton Warriors B 5. Garaway Pirates 6. Harrison Central Huskies 7. Indian Valley Braves Blue or B 8. Marietta Tigers 9. Minerva Lions 10. Orrville Red Riders 11. Plymouth Big Red 12. Ridgewood Generals 13...
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    Indian Valley vs Waynedale

    I Agree totally with the above post same thing with Garaway this year IMHO they wrestled very well at the Gorman and looked kinda sloppy at The Bill Dies. One wrestler that has huge potential at State is Clayton Downs at 215 he had a great Gormen beat Burcher then at the Dies got caught and...
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    NEW Rankings - December 19

    Claymonts 113 is Daniel Mcgarr (9)
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    Week 16 (Division VI State Championship): AP #3 Versailles (13-2) vs. AP #1 Kirtland (14-1)

    Congratulations to Kirtland on your 7th Title. Curious to see how my pirates would of fared this year against Versailles.
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    DVII Marion Local vs Dalton Updates (12/02/23)

    Running your mouth after every TD yes game is getting out of hand but my god the sportsmanship some of you show is embarrassing.
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    DII Massillon vs Hoban Updates (11/30/23)

    Keep telling yourself that lol
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    DVII Marion Local vs Dalton Updates (12/02/23)

    At least Dalton is here, bunch of rude snobs on here.