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  1. VVHS State Champ 94 96 97

    2024 SWBL Offseason/Season

    the valley view players are more than pissed to say the least they are coming out for blood this year and the players have already started putting in work i am confident that even though valley view lost a bunch of player the seniors and Juniors will step up and make another run they understand...
  2. VVHS State Champ 94 96 97

    Region 20 Championship: Germantown Valley View (12-1) versus Waynesville (11-2)

    id like to see VV coldwater because VV plays coldwater week 1 next year
  3. VVHS State Champ 94 96 97

    Week 13: D5 R20 #1 Valley View (11-1) vs #5 Purcell Marian (10-2)

    well when you're a D1 commit you can get away with a lot