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    Jerry Pardue Obituary

    It took a while, gathering what he could, but one of Jerry's former wrestlers at Carleton College finally got an obituary submitted for Jerry. 3-time state placer Joel Stark (2x runner up, 1x third in Minnesota) wrestled for Jerry at Carleton. Joel is the one who took it upon himself to do all...
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    RIP Jerry Pardue

    Yessir, Scott. And even at the age of 50-something, he'd rip us once he got legs in. He never went neutral or down...hips and knees were shot. But he'd go on top and brutalize whoever thought they could get out from under him!
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    RIP Jerry Pardue

    Probably one of his camps he held at Camp Marydale. I was there, too. Ron Pifer, Doug Blubaugh, Gene many nationally elite counselors he'd bring in!
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    RIP Jerry Pardue

    Agree, Coach McCoy. NOBODY can take more credit than what is owed Jerry Pardue as far as gathering up Cincinnati wrestlers who wanted to be serious about the sport in the late 80s/early 90s for off season events. I remember he brought us to Blair Academy on one trip, and Bob Latessa was the...
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    RIP Jerry Pardue

    For those who remember him, Jerry Pardue passed on August 3rd. A former wrestler of his from Carleton College is working on his obituary. However, there are gaps he wants to fill. Jerry left behind no children, no wife, no family--and without this wrestler doing this, there will be no obit. The...
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    Excellent Wrestling Documentary Movie

    Just released....loved it. Is the Perry HS (Oklahoma) wrestling team the greatest sports dynasty ever? To never go more than two consecutive years without winning a state championship over the span of 60 years is insane. Over 40 team state championships. High school of Danny Hodge (Hodge...