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    2024 ECC Football

    I heard Cruse accepted a job at Miami as the Tight Ends Coach. Bad timing, great for him and his family if the DI Coaching world was his dream.
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    Coaching Changes

    What happened at Big Walnut??
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    OHSAA Why would you schedule Boys and Girls tournament games on the same day?

    Cant wait for SWDAB to get on board with the rest of Ohio....and have the higher seed host the first 2 rounds. Everybody will host if they've earned it. They already do in Football and Soccer.
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    ECC 23-24

    Are O'Toole and Hooper back for Turpin yet?
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    Dublin Coffman 2022-3

    Coffman fan....go back and read the Stokes posts during his entire first year. Pretty funny now. Doing things the right ways is harder and harder in 2023 because the people being led are softer. Can't handle kids having to fight through anything. For those who do, the rewards are great...
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    Rep. Edwards suggests the government should take over the OHSAA

    Moeller actually will get nothing.....
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    OHSAA Procedures On Taking Cash For Tickets At Playoff Games

    Shouldn't the government have stayed out of this in the first place? Is this the type of thing they should be legislating? Lets just add something to a budget bill that has nothing to do with the state budget. That's what I wish people would get upset about. Not just this, but any of the...
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    OHSAA Procedures On Taking Cash For Tickets At Playoff Games

    Needs to watch the video. No email or phone number necessary for cash. Also, OHSAA is just sticking it to the Legislature for sticking their noses where they don't belong. "Sure, we'll provide a cash option...but it will cost more than the online tickets." Not what the wise Senators thought...
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    2023 ECC Football

    Lebanon fan....glad you are excited...but you aint goin anywhere! Average team. Hope you get a home game and someone you can beat...but that's the most you can hope for. Enjoy it!
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    2023 ECC Football

    Final Standings: Winton Woods, Anderson, Kings, Milford, Turpin, West Clermont, Lebanon, Loveland, Little Miami, Walnut Hills
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    Cincinnati Area Open Jobs

    And Elder wouldn't have lost to Turpin 6 times out of 7! Bombers should have hired Slonim!!!
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    St. Xavier...Any news?

    Michael Misleh?
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    St. Xavier...Any news?

    Is it true? Kevin Higgins coming home?
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    Cincinnati Area Open Jobs

    Is it true they haven't even interviewed at X yet? Been open a long time!
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    St. Xavier...Any news?

    I heard they haven't even interviewed yet. Crazy!
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    OHSAA district athletic board president arrested

    Please keep our government OUT of High School Sports. PLEASE! They can't even get their own together!
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    Cincinnati Jobs

    Funny you'd think Slonim to Indian Hill! If he did that, it would be as bad as Mazzzzzzzzz tapping out at Amelia / West Clermont whenever the landscape looked a little challenging. If he's built a true program, he isn't goin anywhere. Spartans will still be a top tier team in the ECC. Those...
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    Games You Can’t Buy Tickets For

    Depending on tonights outcomes, I believe Friday at West Clermont could be Elder/Turpin and Lakota East / Lakota West. Gonna be alot of tickets sold for that night!
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    Rumors about the SWBL expansion to 12 teams...

    Wondering why the ECC would want to expand? Feel bad for Harrison, though.
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    West Clermont is Open

    Not true on the AD front. Good dude and very supportive. WC issues weren't created by him.