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    2024 EBC

    If I saw correctly, Carrollton edged Minerva 1-0 in their Sectional Final.
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    2023 EBC Baseball

    I have only seen Minerva play once this year (Salem @Minerva) which was early in the season. Minerva seems to be a team that once they can put everything together they have the ability to right up there with the best of them. According to the Canton Rep, they have some players that are among...
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    2023 EBC Baseball

    I believe tournament draw is Next Sun. 5/7.
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    2023 EBC Baseball

    Many school districts are struggling with a shortage of school bus drivers which would definitely impact a district's ability to transport students to extra curricular events that are scheduled after school. Some districts are fortunate to have school vans in which coaches have been certified...