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    1970 Big Red vs Massillon (22-man view)

    I played for McKinley and we played at Massillon against that 1970 team. Our record was 8-0-1.(tied Niles when our kicker missed a 10 yard field goal at end of the game. The kick hit the center in the rear end). In the state poll Massillon was 1 Upper Arlington was 2 and we were 3rd so with a...
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    TV on Winton Woods Sidelines

    Thanks for the info. You are right that this is a great resource. It also highlights the importance of good assistant coaches. In the case of WW game, the coaches we’re making adjustments and showing the players what happened in the previous series. I heard in the telecast that WW coaches...
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    TV on Winton Woods Sidelines

    My kids played football about 12 to 13 years ago and I don’t think it was around then. Anybody know how long everyone has been doing this?
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    TV on Winton Woods Sidelines

    I was watching the game last night on Spectrum channel 1. They were showing the WW sidelines and they had a large screen TV. The coaches were showing plays or formations to the players who were not in the game at the time. Can’t remember if it was offense or defensive unit. I don’t remember...