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    Final Scores (12/2)

    Wadsworth 38 Brecksville 35
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    Saturday Updates (10/14/23)

    Great 2nd half for Wadsworth, Refs picking up the flag giving a first down to Fort Hill on a 4th down was very strange.
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    Saturday Updates (10/14/23)

    Grizzlies tie it at 28 7:39 left
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    Suburban League National (2023)

    Game will be on and WatchWCTV YouTube channel live
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    Suburban League National (2023)

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    2023 Ohio HS Football TV, Radio, Internet Streaming Broadcasts (Week 9)

    The Grizzlies will take on the Fort Hill Sentinels this Saturday at 1 pm, and the game will be shown LIVE on WCTV. Thanks to Fort Hill High School for sharing their live stream with us, so we can provide it to our viewers in the same way we do our home games. You can watch all the action on...
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    Suburban League National (2023)

    A good freshman class and then another great class in 8th grade also
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    Wadsworth at Medina

    Wadsworth gave Medina two good games last year. Giving up kick off return for a td after tying the game late in first half and then getting a costly dead ball penalty that turned a second and 8 at the 13 into a second and 23 which led to a missed fg to begin the 3rd qtr. Grizzlies came back to...
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    League Ticket Prices

    Suburban increased to 8 dollars.
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    Best DEAD Rivalries (or rivalries of the past...)

    Wadsworth vs Orrville last played in 1990. 77 meetings with Orrville holding a 41-33-3 advantage. Both were in the Chippewa conference from 1963- 1976, Each won 6 titles.
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    NE Ohio HS Baseball Thread

    Wadsworth 6. Strongsville 0
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    Akron City Series Basketball 2022-2023

    Congratulations Buchtel Griffins, well deserved.
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    2023 Girls Basketball State Tournament Pairings

    It’s Spectrum’s special events sports channel.
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    Suburban League - American

    Wadsworth 68 Highland 60 Callaghan 30, Bosley
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    Tuesday Finals 1/24

    Wadsworth 52 Hudson 44
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    Friday Finals 1/13

    Wadsworth 59 Twinsburg 56