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    what an amazing weekend. Some big upsets and some big milestones!!!
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    WrestleHer Documentary Trailer

    can't wait to watch this.
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    State Tournament Stats

    you are correct
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    Friday Updates (9/8/23)

    Edgewood 13 Talawanda 0 1st
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    OHSAA Girls Brackets are up

    Couldn't agree more. Watched the refs at he Harrison Regional handle the potentially dangerous well. I couldn't imagine being that flexible.
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    Kettering Fairmont District Predications

    Online tickets only through ohsaa
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    Looking for girl tournaments to get a couple girls in

    Sunday the 12th Eaton High school has a girls tournament. it is set up through baums page. you could text me i could see about openings. 513-292-2205
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    Trenton Edgewood vs Anderson

    Edgewood has a lot of talent coming up and played a lot of young guys this year filling in for injury, and they played well for the most part. I know we had to do something but I would have like to find a conference with some bigger schools to get us prepared for post season.
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    Trenton Edgewood vs Anderson

    Don't make generalities about the parents many of us would have been fine playing tougher competition. I was excited about this year but the injury bug hit hard and decimated the corner position for us. We had some young guys step up but then they were injured too. Anderson's offense is FUN...
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    Trenton Edgewood vs Anderson

    missing their best 3 Corners was going to make it a tall task. i feared playing a passing team all year because we were so thin in that area.
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    Trenton Edgewood vs Anderson

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on this game??
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    Winton Woods v Ross Wk12

    Agreed can’t believe this is that close
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    #3 Edgewood vs #14 Lima Sr

    Keith, I grew up in Fremont. I dream of an Edgewood vs Fremont Ross game sometime in my life lol.
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    #3 Edgewood vs #14 Lima Sr

    While I am not a fan of the 16 team expanded playoffs there’s a reason they play then game. Hopefully edgewood doesn’t look past them to the rematch with piqua.
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    #3 Edgewood vs #14 Lima Sr

    Don’t know a lot about Lima Sr other than what you see looking at their schedule. Edgewood is no secret they are going to come out and try to run it down the field. Anyone know what offense LS runs? Players to watch?
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    Love the comments that NP defense will keep them in it when they finally played a good team and they gave up over half a century. Last time I checked Good defenses don’t do that.
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    Friday Finals (10/14/22)

    Edgewood 30 Hamilton ross 7
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    SWOC 2022

    Tonight’s game went much like I thought. Hard fought but the score got away from Ross. Had a good scheme just could not handle the running attack. When edgewood passing game looked good at times tonight too.
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    Ross vs Edgewood

    You are correct the parking lot is packed with pregamers right now
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    SWOC 2022

    It was awful