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    Looking to fill Summer Camps, Give back to the sport

    Still have plenty of openings for the summer! feel free to reach out!
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    Looking to fill Summer Camps, Give back to the sport

    I am looking to fill some time this summer with camps to give back to the sport I love. Please reach out with any questions or to setup a camp! Thanks!
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    Zack Donathan 2x D2 National Champ. Max Shore Most D2 Tech falls

    Great work by these two men at Tiffin. Donathan going back to back, and Shore making the tournament and finishing the year with the countries most tech falls at 14!
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    2024 NCAA Pick'Em

    125 - 8 - Richard Figueroa – ASU 133 - 3 - Kai Orine – NCST 141 - 2 - Beau Bartlett – PSU 149 - 6 - Austin Gomez – MICH 157 - 10 - Jared Franek – IOWA 165 - 4 - David Carr – ISU 174 - 9 - Carter Starocci – PSU 184 - 5 - Lenny Pinto – NEB 197 - 1 - Aaron Brooks – PSU 285 - 7 - Taye Ghadiali - CAMP
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    Division 3 Troy district Preseason rankings

    Reminder these are preseason and just for fun. I may have missed some or have some guys at wrong weights. Just let me know if I made a mistake. Thanks 106 – Hudson Randall (Miami East) Warren Taylor (Legacy Christian) Hayden Weiss (Kettering Alter) Blake Opichka (Madeira) Ke’Shan Blackwell...
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    Kira Cole Injury

    Kira is a great wrestler but an even better person! Does a lot in her community giving back in both wrestling and other things through her school. Love to see the amount of support she has received!
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    Top incoming freshmen to watch

    Burnett can make an immediate impact no doubt for Perrysburg. I also like Shawger and Shore to make solid impacts as Frosh. Not as familiar with many other up and coming Frosh.
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    Possible High Schools for 8th Grade OAC JH State Placers

    Bad Take. If it was cheating then it wouldn't be allowed and would be against OHSAA rules.
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    Weigh outs

    Why should he not place? he won the matches to earn his placement. He made weight day 1 like everyone else. It is no ones fault but his that he missed day 2, but completely fair that he chose to do so. Him being so heavy had no bearing on him making the podium so why should he be punished for...
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    Outstanding wrestler

    I think Shore and Hermes have been on a Crash course their entire high school Careers. Same weight freshman year then Covid hit. Last year until the semi slam call, and now this year. IMO Most anticipated match of the weekend.
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    2023 Boro Fan Almanac

    I do not think it is as clear cut either way. Hermes definitely looks better on paper, but you cannot deny Shore is a gamer. I think this will be one of the better state finals matches, regardless as to the outcome. With that being said, I am taking Shore. But I think it is extremely close and...
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    Troy District Predictions Prior to Sectionals

    Troy District Rankings 2023 Here is my take on the district coming up. Remember these are just my opinion and are supposed to be for fun. 106 – Kyle Schroer (Troy Christian) Carson Taylor (Covington) Ethan Cantrell (West Union) Hayden Jones (Brookeville) Rocco Mauro (Kettering Alter) Trey...
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    My predictions of state champs coming from Troy d3 district

    I like the discussion here. I am not saying I agree that Campbell will be the best collegiate wrestler, but I do think his top game is top tier in highschool, especially in ohio. And that is a huge skill that transfers well to college wrestling. A lot of ohio studs struggle on the mat once they...
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    University Of Findlay Wins First GMAC TItle

    The Findlay Roughnecks won the GMAC conference title this past weekend among 4 Ohio schools in the conference. (Ashland, Tiffin, Lake Erie) Ashland finished 2nd. Highlights for the Roughnecks were Graham Shore (Miami East) who won at 125 and got OW of the tournament, and Gavin Ritter (Wauseon)...
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    Mid-Season(ish) State Champ Predictions

    That is a fair assessment. If Shore and Hermes would have been able to wrestle last year, might have given us a little more incite on that match lol
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    Mid-Season(ish) State Champ Predictions

    Great List. I'll take Fockler and Denkins in D1 and Shore in D3 personally.
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    Troy D3 District Preseason Rankings 1

    I hope so! I am most familiar with this one, and not quite as qualified to attempt the others IMO lol
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    Troy D3 District Preseason Rankings 1

    Awesome, thank you for the update coach!
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    Troy D3 District Preseason Rankings 1

    Is fairland in the troy district now? I assumed they would still be SE