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    Final Enrollment Numbers 2024-2026 (Pre-Competitive Balance)

    Hudson below 500 for first time.
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    Regular season matchups you'd like to see!

    if Kirtland played Chardon 10 times, Kirtland would win 5. You know it, I know it, Mitch knows it, and the rat scientists know it.
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    Regular season matchups you'd like to see!

    I'll go first! Kirtland vs Chardon
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    DIV 2 STATE FINAL Massillon 15-0 vs Akron Hoban 13-1

    Nate Moore has a staff of FOOTBALL coaches who go to clinics, innovate and genuinely could go coach anywhere from middle school to the college level. Hoban coaches are good guys but probably could only coach at a place like Hoban (Tyrell excluded). Now to be fair, I more or less felt the same...
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    DII State Semifinal: Akron Hoban vs. Avon

    Avon beating up Hoban physically
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    DII State Semifinal: Akron Hoban vs. Avon

    My pick is Avon in an upset. It will be a low scoring game…12-7 Avon. I'm banking on Coach Elder and his staff to figure out a way to stop 3 of the 4 plays that Hoban has in their youth football playbook. Avon is physical enough to go toe to toe with Hoban.
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    Hudson vs. Walsh at Ravenna

    Smoove Mooves Needs a weekly podcast. First guest should be Oil Filter and Brian
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    Hudson vs. Walsh at Ravenna

    They are pretty banged up and very young now. Right now 3 of their best players are sophomores. This is Goughs best coaching job in his 9 years They are just doing what they have to do to win each week. Hudson will win a close game of their O line dominates like last year.
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    Hudson vs. Walsh at Ravenna

    Some perspective.
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    Hudson vs. Walsh at Ravenna

    Hudson has 185 kids playing football in grades 3-6 this year. Concussions have nothing to do with it.
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    2023 Benedictine Football

    Hudson respects Benedictine and knows the history of the program. 8 state championships-And one of the most revered/legendary programs in Ohio. They will be ready to play.
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    2023 Ohio HS Football TV, Radio, Internet Streaming Broadcasts (Week 8)

    Hudson vs Nordonia 7pm
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    2023 St. Ignatius Football

    Ignatius will be fine. LeCharles has 20-30 future NFL linemen in program. At least that's what he told their parents at the 8th grade orientation.
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    2023 Ohio HS Football TV,Radio and Internet Streaming Broadcasts (Week 3)

    Cleveland Hts at Hudson
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    Week 3: Glenville (2-0) at Avon (2-0)

    Avon can let it all hang out. They wont be challenged again until week 15.
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    Week 3: Austintown Fitch (1-1) vs GlenOak (1-1)

    Adjacent only is open enrollment in my book.
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    Top D2 programs of the past decade spreadsheet

    Good work. I enjoyed going through this. Fyi. Hudson made the final four in Division 1 in 2014. Lost to Eds in State Semi Final
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    Freshman Football——Week 1

    Hudson 22 Highland 20 Very good football by both squads.