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  1. CoachCarlMentor

    Queen of the North Tournament Jan 18 2025

    Mentor is hosting an all girls pool tournament on January 18 2025. There will be both middle school and high school divisions. We will have 6 mats in the main gym and run middle school and high school simultaneously. Top 6 in each weight will place Contact Coach Carl for info...
  2. CoachCarlMentor

    All girls scrimmage HS and MS November 30

    Committed teams as of 5/22: Normandy Harvey Madison Brush Cuyahoga Falls Lakewood Shaw Perry (Lake) North Royalton Trinity Akron North Cloverleaf Elyria
  3. CoachCarlMentor

    All girls scrimmage HS and MS November 30

    Mentor will be hosting an all girls scrimmage on Saturday November 30 2024. This is open to both middle school and high school teams. High school and middle school will be ran simultaneously. Contact Coach Carl for information 440-667-7002
  4. CoachCarlMentor

    NEO Elite Freestyle CLub

    NEO Elite Freestyle Club is an all girls freestyle/Greco club hosted at Mentor High School. Registration fee is $100 and practices will run April 3 all thru July 13 (Fargo). Practices will be Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30-7:--pm at Mentor High School. This year we have Tiffin University Womens'...
  5. CoachCarlMentor

    Having trouble with Track

    When I first emailed support they did the same. It took a week for them to get the OK. Got my log in yesterday and am now good to go
  6. CoachCarlMentor

    Having trouble with Track

    Has anyone who hasn't gotten their log in yet have any luck getting a hold of someone who can actually help? I still can not get into Track to submit my roster for events. Track tells me to contact our governing body. When I do, I'm told to contact support for Track wrestling. Keep going in...
  7. CoachCarlMentor

    Trackwrestling for Girls Rosters

    I still haven't gotten my log in email from Track
  8. CoachCarlMentor

    Looking to add a team for a tri

    Mentor is looking for a team to add to one of our duals to make it a tri. We have 2 dates to pick from. If you are interested contact me at December 14 Mentor Brush January 4 Mentor Cleveland Heights
  9. CoachCarlMentor

    Tri match December 14 or January 4

    Looking for a third team to join us for a tri match on December 14 or January 4 at Mentor. If interested please contact AJ Carl Teams for December 14 Mentor Brush Teams for January 4 Mentor Cleveland Heights
  10. CoachCarlMentor

    Girls Sectionals - 2024

    A majority of these sectional tournaments are going to go super fast. Why can't we just run them the Friday night before the boys at the same site? I like the idea of having sectionals and feel like it is needed. But, Why can't they simply be at the same site as the boys, just the night before?
  11. CoachCarlMentor

    Girls Youth Tournament December 2nd

    Mentor is adding a girls division to our annual youth tournament. It will run along with the boys. I attached the info for it
  12. CoachCarlMentor

    Mentor Girls looking for a tri

    I have 1 pt left on our schedule. Would like to get a tri. If anyone is looking for a team please let me know. I have lots of dates available. Should have around 10 girls this year
  13. CoachCarlMentor

    Mentor Girls looking for a tri

    I have 1 pt left on my schedule. Would like to a tri. If anyone is looking for a team please let me know. We have a good amount of dates open.
  14. CoachCarlMentor

    Mentor High School looking for a girls assistant coach

    We are getting a new assistant coach contract. Looking for a female coach with wrestling experience to be our assistant high school girls coach If you are interested or know anyone interested contact AJ Carl
  15. CoachCarlMentor

    Looking for an event for Jan 20

    Mentor girls are looking for an event the weekend of Jan 19-20. We should have at least 8 girls this year. Are there any events going on that weekend? Willing to travel
  16. CoachCarlMentor

    Team no longer needed for dual match December 22nd

    We have found a team. Thanks
  17. CoachCarlMentor

    January 6th event needed

    Mentor is looking for teams for duels that day. Looking for 4 more teams so everyone gets 5 duels. Teams so far: Mentor Akron North Madison email if you are interested
  18. CoachCarlMentor

    Looking for teams for round robin duals

    Both dates are full December 9th Mentor Alliance Columbia Olentangy Berlin Lakewood Marysville January 6th Mentor Akron North Normandy Madison Harvey Berea-Midpark email me if you are interested in coming either day
  19. CoachCarlMentor

    Mentor looking for duals/tris/quads

    Mentor is looking for duals/tris/and quads for this coming season. We should have around 10 or so girls this year. Willing to host or travel. Contact
  20. CoachCarlMentor

    NEO Elite Freestyle Club

    NEO Elite Freestyle Wrestling Club is still accepting registrations. We practice Sundays and Wednesdays 5:30-7:30 pm at Mentor High School. Our club is open any girls K-12. The club is coached by Mackenzie Tayerle. She is a national qualifier for Adrian College. Members are required to have a...