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    1949 Class B State Championship Video

    Great to watch. I have seen video of the 1950 Miller City - Eaton Championship game. Very comparable in style of play with wild shots and quick whistles. Noticed the white (non glass back) boards. In 1950 they had glass back boards but put white paper behind them because neither team...
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    Who wins D4?

    Home grown are kids who actually live in the school district boundaries and have for many years, and who did not open enroll for the primary purpose of playing sports. Someone who open enrolls and never moves into the school district is never considered home grown. I suppose this is a public...
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    Favorite Gyms in the Midwest Athletic Conference and Western Buckeye League.

    The largest gyms (approx. seating capacity) in the WBL are Elida - 3,200, Defiance - 2,500, Wapak (2,500), VW -2,400, OG - 2,200 (not 2,500), St. Marys - 2,300 (maybe a little more). Celina's gym is a settlemental place but way outdated.
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    Sorry, I not up to date on all the new acronyms out there.
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    Years ago most of the tickets were taken by all the OHSAA schools. Their was no public sale other than the participating teams. Each school in the state was allowed 2 tickets each for their Super, Principal, AD and Coach, and maybe a few more, and most schools bought all that was allowed...
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    Who wins D4?

    It has nothing to do with what Jr. High - grade school players came from. The advantage comes from drawing from a larger population area. It's sort of like playing a pick up BB game as a kid where my team is made up of the kids from my street and we are playing against a team made up from...
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    Who wins D3?

    The bottom line is LE (as well as LW, HP, Africentric, RH) draws players from a very large population area. It has nothing to do when they enroll. The OHSAA is getting what they allow, the D3 and D4 championshp games had the lowest attendance in OHSAA history. The OHSAA needs to base...
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    Who wins D3?

    That isn't even a close comparison. OG would have be bring in players from all of NW Ohio to come close to the 500,000 plus area HP draws from.
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    A look back...2020 the yr Parkway was stopped by the OHSAA and COVID from a possible trip to the state finals

    Napoleon girls were the favorites in D2 and were in the arena when it was called off. They did win it in 2021. They could have won 2 in a row.
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    Final 4 Tickets

    OG will bring 3,000+ fans, and Shelby will bring a good crowd. I would think Centerville will also bring a good crowd being so close. Lutheran East, Harvest Prep, Richmond Heights will bring their usual 50-60 fans.
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    Who wins D3?

    Every year a few public schools interfere with the annual OHSAA AAU finals In Dayton. How do they let that happen!?
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    Western Buckeye League

    For those interested in going or listening, it looks like they changed the game time of the OG - Margaretta game to 7:00pm on Saturday because the OG girls play at 2 pm in Dayton.
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    Western Buckeye League

    Question for the OG faithful. How close is Colin White getting to 2,000 points? Went to game last night. He was fantastic. Very special player.
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    OHSAA Hopes To Return To The Fairgrounds Coliseum for State Basketball Tournament In 2025

    Attendance is way down at the State Tournament no matter where it is due to economics and glorified AAU teams playing in small school divisions. I personally went to every State Tournament from 1969 to 2020. When it moved to Dayton that ended it for me. Great venue but virtually nothing to do...
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    2024 WBL talk

    Don't forget losing Rodenberger. Probably their best defensive player and a good tight end.
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    How does your team look for 2024 ?

    It's not about the boy's enrollment number. Defiance draws their total enrollment from a population of just over 20,000. TCC draws their enrollment from a population of well over 200,000. Plus, TCC is not forced to take low achieving, non athlete students.
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    Massillon Tigers 2023 State Champions

    TV announcer said Massilon sold 14,000 presale tickets. It sure looked like it. Their side was packed.
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    What is the goal/expectations for your school's football program?

    Right now Defiance is a one class program. This years Junior class represents approx. half the players in the HS program. There are a few good players in the Sr. and Soph. classes, but 80% of the major contributors are Juniors. Could be rough after next year.
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    Western Buckeye League Prediction Contest, Week 10

    Celina - My attempt to tie for the lead. Not my real choice Defiance - Looking for a more consistent Defiance performance. Van Wert - Probably a little better St. Marys - Game could be close Kenton - Going with home team.
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    Western Buckeye League Prediction Contest, Week 9

    Defiance - Bold move. Defiance needs to play error free complete game. * Wapak - Have been very consistent St. Mary's - Going with home team Van Wert - Their strength is Kenton's weakness Ottawa - Both teams will fight hard for 1st win. * (Looks like rain may hold off until after games)