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    Best Ohio XC Team EVER?

    Boys side - 2013 St. X is in a class by itself with the tier behind IMO comprised of in no particular order... 2001 Hudson 2012 St. X 2015 St. Ignatius 2016 Solon Will add some data to back up when I get more time but I'm not sure I would add another boys team before or after to that...
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    Guardian Mile V Saturday, July 29th in Downtown Cleveland

    -Community races start at 7 p.m. - to signup or for more information visit GOHRUN.ORG 2023 Registration and Info — GOH Run! gOH Run is a nonprofit organization committed to fitness and running. Our goal is to promote, educate, support running in the community and build solid youth running...
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    State (Team) predictions, Division 1

    I think right now I'd go 1) H.D. 2) Westlake 3) Mason 4) Perrysburg on paper, all within 20 pts. or so. My gut tells me that's not how it will shake out though - Mason's #5 worries me more than anything else for any of the other contenders. I don't see any other team being within striking...
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    State (Team) predictions, Division 1

    Shocked at the number of people discounting Westlake as a legitimate title contender. There is a 0.3% chance they are lower than 4th. Beat Perrysburg by a significant margin at Strongsville and have only improved since. I'd go Davidson, Westlake, Mason and Perrysburg on paper after regionals.
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    4th Annual Cleveland Guardian Mile Saturday, July 23rd

    Current elite start lists / PBs attached.
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    4th Annual Cleveland Guardian Mile Saturday, July 23rd

    Official press release from the Guardian Mile - full start lists announced on the race Instagram page (@guardianmile) Mark your calendars for the return of the Guardian Mile to the Hope Memorial Bridge on Saturday, July 23rd! The fourth annual running of “Cleveland’s fastest road race” expects...