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    #PACtion™ 2024

    I don't believe that it is the radio station decision as much as it is due to IRS regulations for remaining a non profit status does not allow that activity.
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    Wadsworth-Buckeye dual

    C Couldn’t make weight.
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    All things concerning the tournament after the draw on Sun.

    Correct. I believe the coaches voting in the past was more accurate then what we got this year with the Maxprep ratings. Although with coaches still choosing their line in the bracket seeding isn't all that important as it usually is more beneficial to be lower in the seeding so that you can...
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    #PACtion™ 2024

    Kent Roosevelt and Cuyahoga Falls are the schools wanting into the Metro. Look for Norton and Cloverleaf to look elsewhere. Norton to the PAC?
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    OHSAA Releases Updated Basketball RPI Rankings

    Correct, don't blame the OHSAA for stupid scheduling.
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    Start the girls basketball season earlier?

    So start the season earlier so make it even more difficult for soccer and volleyball players to play. There is no break now in between season. Stupid idea.
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    Dayton Public Schools want to limit the amount of students that can attend games

    They are acting like they do in school that is the major problem these days no discipline what so ever in school, out of school or at a game.
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    Dayton Public Schools want to limit the amount of students that can attend games

    Cause they are lazy and its easier to just not allow students.
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    Mount Union Men's and Women's Prospect Camp

    This is not allowed for soccer, basketball and baseball. Why is wrestling different. Soccer and Basketball players are not allowed to tryout, practice or play for any non-interscholastic program once the season has started.
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    Suburban League American and National (All League)

    It appears the list above does not include the offensive and defensive players of the year. I would assume Stack is the offensive player of the year. Poor job by the league at getting this information out.
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    Strongsville HS Football Team steals from the Pro Football Hall of Fame

    Witnessed the same behavior in another sport, so don't think that community is embarrassed by much.
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    Suburban League National (2023)

    Solon's 2024 football schedule is on its athletic website and contains all of the Suburban League National teams for 2024. All Suburban League schools will only have 3 non conference games the first 3 weeks of the season.
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    Suburban League National (2023)

    That word is incorrect.
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    Suburban League National (2023)

    I believe that Solon is playing a full league schedule in 2024, this year they play a full schedule in all sports except football, due to having to fulfill commitments to the GCC schools for football this year.
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    Bill to regulate playoff ticket prices in the works

    I don’t think the majority of people are monitoring the OHSAA website daily looking for ticket prices.
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    Bill to regulate playoff ticket prices in the works

    Problem is the OHSAA is not a business. All entities must earn a profit. For a business the main goal is to maximize its profits for a non-profit its top priority should be its non profit mission. Based on the the recent financials and decisions of the OHSAA they appear to have become confused...
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    Ask The Ref?

    That was my question what makes a scoring play special that the pass interference is tacked on. Doesn't make any sense.
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    Ask The Ref?

    Do you get to add 15 years for pass interference to a completed pass?
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    Ask The Ref?

    3 penalties on a pass play. Pass interference on the defense, personal foul roughing the passer on defense and illegal man downfield on the offense. All offset and replay down?
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    Early New look Northern Lakes League predictions.

    There should be a rule that you have to sit out the 2nd half of the year and tournament if you transfer to a school with a coach that was also your AAU coach.