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    State Champions

    3 in a row for Richmond Heights and 2 in a row (3 in 4 years) for Lutheran East. Lutheran takes bragging rights as they beat Richmond Heights by 8 earlier in the year. The 2 schools are separated by about 4 miles.
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    Division II Final 4

    You might be right. Over the last 20 years it has been STVM dominating that region so without the Irish maybe that region becomes weak--though Buchtel, like you said, did win it coming out of that region last year. It is also worth noting that prior to STVM moving to D2 in the early 00's, 7 of...
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    Division II Final 4

    Interesting if true. Bowling Green is about 2 hours from Rocky River. Canton is about 1 hour. It doesn't change my original point though.
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    Division II Final 4

    The NE Ohio region in D2 appears to have been way down. It makes sense with STVM and Hoban being pushed up to D1, Lutheran West being sent out west and some of the kids that might have previously gone to VASJ now playing at Richmond Heights and Lutheran East.
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    Who wins D4?

    Richmond was also without their best player, TJ Crumble.
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    Whitmer's leading scorer played with 5 fouls in 4Q of D1 Regional Final

    The blame has to go on the sloppy official who couldn’t get the number right on the court. I hope that official is a man and apologizes for the mistake and is held accountable by the OHSAA.
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    Marion Local Dominance

    Kirtland Over the last 13 years they have reached the state title game 12 times. They have won 7 state titles. They won titles in both divisions 5 and 6. I think Kirtland is 2-2 against Marion Local. those two programs are eerily similar.
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    DIV 2 STATE FINAL Massillon 15-0 vs Akron Hoban 13-1

    Where you see inspiration, I see… -Losing the turnover battle 3-0 -Punter dropping the snap -QB dropping the snap on 3rd and 1 setting up 4th and 10 -WR dropping a game winning pass I agree with you that Hoban looked like a more impressive team physically, but mistakes will even the playing field.
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    DIV 2 STATE FINAL Massillon 15-0 vs Akron Hoban 13-1

    I don't agree with this opinion at all. I thought Hoban played very inspired football. Their offense was just too vanilla to compensate for their self-inflicted errors.
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    DIV 2 STATE FINAL Massillon 15-0 vs Akron Hoban 13-1

    Hoban's defense completely controlled the action, but the Knights made way too many mistakes. They turned the ball over 3 times and the punter dropped a snap which gave Massillon great field position for their only successful drive of the game--one which needed to be aided by a facemark call on...
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    D I State Championahip: St. Edward vs Springfield Part 3

    Springfield played really well. I thought their coaches did a good job with the 2 QB offense. Usually it doesn't work, but last night it provided enough variety to move the ball on a really, really good St. Ed's defense. Ultimately Eds was just better. This state title was always Ed's to lose...
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    DII State Semifinal: Akron Hoban vs. Avon

    Hoban’s defense is insane. I would give Avon a shot with their dual-threat QB, but without him I see a 28-7 or 35-7 type of game.
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    Region 9: #1 Youngstown Ursuline vs #7 Chardon

    Yeah, the blitz packages were what caused the QB pressure, not the Chardon DL. Ursuline picked up the blitzes on some plays but others they didn't. Ursuline's problem is that they refused to run the ball. They became pass-happy. If their RB was hurt then they needed to spend the week finding...
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    Region 6: #1 Avon vs #3 Medina Highland

    As far as this game goes--I still think Avon wins. Highland is good but they lost convincingly to Hudson at the start of the season and lost to Aurora at the end of the season. Avon is better than both of those teams.
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    Region 6: #1 Avon vs #3 Medina Highland

    Terrible news on the QB. Asking Avon to beat Hoban without their All-Ohio QB is tough. Avon had a few high-end D1 players on this team as well. Is their Jr class strong?
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    Region 6: #1 Avon vs #3 Medina Highland

    Any update on the Avon QB?
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    Region 6: #1 Avon vs #3 Medina Highland

    Affluent districts have many advantages, it’s just that transfers due to football aren’t one and that was what we were discussing.
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    Region 6: #1 Avon vs #3 Medina Highland

    With all due respect, how many kids/families can decide they want to play football at Avon or Hudson and then have the ability to actually move there? Maybe “Pringle” and “Owens” could have moved into Hudson/Avon. I have no idea who either player is, much less the family’s ability to afford a...
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    Hudson vs. Walsh at Ravenna

    Yeah, QB play was the difference in this game but Hudson losing their star RB a month or so ago was the difference in the season. He was very good. He could turn 3 yard gains into 7, 7 yard gains into 12, etc. He wasn't a HR threat, but he was a very good RB. Hudson had a good OL but they were...
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    Region 6: #1 Avon vs #3 Medina Highland

    I think one year they were playing Massillon with a 3rd string QB.