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    Meteor in Portugal

    That lit up the sky!
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    Is Gender segregation in youth sports "problematic"

    I said, "big family genes". Maybe I should have said, "big family jeans".
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    Sean 'Diddy' Combs seen on video assaulting Cassie Ventura in 2016

    He said he was sorry ... that the assault was caught on video. Then, he said he was even more sorry ... that the video was made public.
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    King Charles III New Portrait

    I heard that if you play the portrait backward (and upside down) on a turntable, you will clearly hear, "Satan is my overlord", plus it will completely ruin your turntable needle. Or was that a Led Zeppelin song? Sometimes I get King Charles and Jimmy Page confused.
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    A Clarion Call To War !!!! This Would Be The Last Straw To Rise Up Against The New World Order ☕☕!!!!

    I told my wife if we ever run out of coffee, then that's grounds for divorce.
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    Is Gender segregation in youth sports "problematic"

    Yes, Holley Mangold was an Olympian weightlifter. She was injured just before the 2012 London Olympics, but still participated and finished in 10th place (out of 14 in the female heavyweight division). She was listed at 5'8", 370 pounds at the time of the Olympics. Her brother Nick is listed...
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    in the DEBATE forum... lets talk uncle Joe VS Orange man DEBATE in June and September

    Biden's handlers will have him cranked up on meth or whatever drug was used for his State of the Union address. They would rather have him red-faced and angry than wander off the stage looking for ice cream. Trump will spew insult after insult. Can't we come up with better candidates?
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    Democrat Cities' Violent news (#4?)

    So unfortunate, because from what I've heard, DaTwaun is a good kid, just about ready to turn his life around. His smile would light up a room. He was getting ready to enroll in the community college...soon...any day now...maybe next semester. La'Quan was a good kid too. He just got in with...
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    Memes, funny picture thread (for politics) (part 2)

    I wonder how that turned out. If only we knew, then we could learn from history and not repeat the same mistake.
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    Central Ohio bar raises entry age to 30 on weekends

    Why would a bar do this and limit their potential customer base? Maybe they are trying to be an older singles bar and feel it will be packed with eager thirty-somethings willing to spend the cover charge to meet & mingle with other thirty-somethings. IDK.
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    Phrases I absolutely can't stand

    At family functions, I shuddered when my ex-mother-in-law would say to me, "Sit next to me!" Her stories went on and on and on...
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    Phrases I absolutely can't stand

    My aunt repeatedly says "...anyhow..." when telling her long-winded stories. We are hoping her story will end with "anyhow", but she is just switching gears to different details on her story, or worse, switching to an entirely new story. Anyhow... Here's a phrase I don't care for: "you feel...
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    What books are you reading 2024

    I hope you got the illustrated version of "Short History". It sounds like you did. Either way, it's a good read. It is a bit dated (around twenty years old), but most of the info is still relevant. I hope you enjoy it and appreciate Bryson's sense of humor. "The Body" is a worthwhile read...
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    Athletic Scholarships

    Yep, most of us know parents like this. Parents think little Johnny is the best. I knew a woman that KNEW her then 11-year-old son was going to play Major League Baseball. He didn't. I knew another woman that was sure her son, a pitcher, would be signed when the Cincinnati Reds held an open...
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    Europe returning to conscription.

    The United States ended the draft at the end of December 1972. My brother turned 18 just five weeks later, in February 1973; another brother turned 18 in 1974; and I turned 18 in 1975. By the seventies, the horrors and atrocities of the Vietnam War were becoming more disclosed and less...
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    Was JFK assassination considered a “Mob Hit”?

    I've heard this theory. The Mafia felt they did a lot of "favors" for Joe Kennedy, and therefore he owed them, but he wasn't doing enough to repay the debt. Killing his son seems kind of harsh, but who knows?
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    Let's enjoy the Music!

    We had a nun play this song every day to start our religion class when I was at a Catholic high school in the early-to-mid seventies. Her nickname was Sister Groovy because she tried to act cool and she used old sixties hippie lingo, such as "right on" or "far out" or "groovy". She didn't...
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    Was JFK assassination considered a “Mob Hit”?

    There is strong compelling evidence (from multiple reliable sources) that JFK is living in Kalamazoo with Elvis. They have been spotted numerous times at the local Burger KIng, home of the Whopper. "Lives" is an anagram of "Elvis". Elvis lives. Need I say more?
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    Was JFK assassination considered a “Mob Hit”?

    Jack Ruby silencing Oswald was more than suspicious. Dead men don't talk.
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    South Dakota Gov Brags About Killing Animals, Loses Chances at VP

    We had a crick, too, and when we found dead animals (birds, squirrels, whatnot) we gave them an "aerial burial", by flinging them off a shovel into the creek. You can catapult them a good distance. Decent height, too. It would become a sparrow's last flight.