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    EBC Wrestling 2023-2024

    What was the Salem - Marlington score?
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    EBC Wrestling 2023-2024

    126, 150, 157 and 215
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    EBC Wrestling 2023-2024

    Carrollton 60 WB 13. Any others know dual scores?
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    EBC Wrestling 2023-2024

    Carrollton 43 Marlington 24
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    EBC Wrestling 2023-2024

    They were there. Beat lake 57-23. Beat Mayfield 72-12. Didn’t wrestle Marlington
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    Ironman 2023

    It’s on track wrestling
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    Section upsets/surprises

    Unfortunately he had a season ending injury in practice the week before sectionals. Kid has had no luck that last few years
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    EBC Wrestling 2022-2023

    Both are state contenders so I don’t see how he could be on another level. Plz explain
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    EBC Wrestling 2022-2023

    Varsity won 56-12. Great job by both teams!!
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    EBC Wrestling 2022-2023

    I guess they thought their 113 had a better shot to beat Carrolltons 120. Not surprised they moved some kids around to try and find a way to win
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    EBC Wrestling 2022-2023

    Jenkins(Carr) F Brannon Snair(Carr) FF Childs(Carr) F Burt Pidgeon(Carr) d Burt 7-3 Kana(Salem) MD Little 10-2 Carman(Carr) F Allen Kiko(Carr) d German 6-4 in SV Stecker (Salem) d Bennett 8-1 Ansman(Salem) F Sweeney Gomez(Salem) F DePalmo Pactchin(Salem) MD Mcnutt 13-2 Zinda(Carr) F Whitman...
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    North Canton Holiday Tournament Live Stream
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    North Canton Holiday Tournament Live Stream

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    2022 EBC

    Oehlstrom destroyed all those records!
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    Friday Finals (9/2/22)

    St. Thomas Aquinas 6 Carrollton 63
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    Friday Finals (8/26/22)

    Philo 7 Carrollton 14
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    Friday Night Finals (8/19/22)

    Carrollton34 Manchester 13.
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    Gallia Academy D2 District SE/E

    Should be an exciting couple days of wrestling! Wishing all the wrestlers good luck and to remain healthy
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    District Alternate "IN" thread

    Carrolltons 157 made it in
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    EBC Wrestling

    How'd the rest of the conference end up? Carrollton finished 4th at Steubenville. 3 champs, 1 second, 2 thirds, 2 fourths and 3 alternates