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    Boys of Summer 18u 2022 2 spots open

    BOYS OF SUMMER 18U Boys Of Summer Baseball 2021/2022 We have had a couple roster spots open up due to injuries. Boys Of Summer Baseball will be holding tryouts for the 2021 Fall / 2022 SPRING 18u season Boys Of Summer Baseball is one of the longest running, most recognizable...
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    Saturday Scores (5/15)

    Kenston: 5 V Tallmadge: 7
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    Thursday Scores (5/13)

    Nice win for Blue Devils. Broke a 14 game win streak for Iggy.
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    DII Twinsburg Sectional

    On paper should be Chagrin V Tallmadge in Championship, but who knows......
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    Tuesday Scores (5/11)

    Barberton: 0 v Tallmadge: 10
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    Saturday Scores (5/8)

    Tallmadge: 7 v Copley: 4