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  1. Tippy Canoe

    2024 SWBL Offseason/Season

    If I could interject a little bit, I have a little bit of perspective dad in the last few years. Tippecanoe has had a rather big upswing in football, and at the same time you cannot dissuade an opinion on our soccer program, I for one could typically care less about soccer But soccer on a grass...
  2. Tippy Canoe

    Central Buckeye Conference (CBC) 2023

    Congrats to the Chief. I be watched from afar and saw improvement nearly every week. Go grab a distric title, I can tell you from recent experience that it’s self gratification that rewards for the work done. I kind of miss driving to Btown to watch my devils smack you around a little bit. 😎...
  3. Tippy Canoe

    Dementia Joe gets lost again.....

    Yeah they need to get rid of Joe before he starts World War 2. Just ask indicted Don
  4. Tippy Canoe

    MVL 2023-24

    Information like this may seem intimate, but hardly a closely held secret. If you are active in the community, you can extract info from parents, trainers, coaches from other sports, and even baseball umpires 😹. I get most of what I know from the kids themselves. All you have to do now is have...
  5. Tippy Canoe

    D III State Semi-Final: Bloom Carroll (13-1) vs Tippecanoe (13-1)

    The Bengals would probably pay good money to have me stay the hell away!
  6. Tippy Canoe

    D III State Semi-Final: Bloom Carroll (13-1) vs Tippecanoe (13-1)

    Sorry, I’ve been on the road and so. To finish the best/worst football weekend of my life. A few unsolicited thoughts: The London facility has no business being a semifinal facility. My hats off to them for doing the work necessary to host a game like this, but no matter how much you shine up a...
  7. Tippy Canoe

    Region 12 Championship: #1 Badin (13-0) vs. #3 Tippecanoe (12-1) @Trotwood

    Damn boomer. Don’t let the facts get in the way of the hyperbole
  8. Tippy Canoe

    Week 13 #2 Western Brown (11-1) vs #3 Tippecanoe (11-1)

    What do you know about pants? Trojans wore skirts’
  9. Tippy Canoe

    Week 13 #2 Western Brown (11-1) vs #3 Tippecanoe (11-1)

    Game time temp looks to be about 54 degrees and damp with no rain. This will slow up the game a bit. Tipp is all about a grinder. Just ask Troy and Piqua. The Red Devils rarely turn the ball over and the Burbachers have proven to be patient and are willing to control the clock until the big...
  10. Tippy Canoe

    12-0 Milton Union vs 11-1 Brookville

    As both of teams wind up for one of the best local games in recent history, I give the edge to MU by 2 scores late. I’ll say The amazing undefeated Milton Union Bulldogs. 35 The scrappy Devils of Brookville that are the wrong color 23 I would have really enjoyed it if MU took...
  11. Tippy Canoe

    #1 Hamilton Badin Rams vs #4 Wapakoneta Redskins

    I say Wapak wins of for no other reason to interrupt the ML talk
  12. Tippy Canoe

    MVL 2022

    Y’all need to take it easy on the Klump. He’s beatin on his drum and don’t care if nobody’s listenin. But I get what he’s sayin about the Rams. There isn’t a team in the MVL that could do better than 2-3 at the start of trotwood’s schedule and most of them would be 0-5. Hell, with the schedule...
  13. Tippy Canoe

    MVL 2022

    Trotwood coming to the goat pasture. This is the best case scenario to have adequate visitor seating for a round 2 game
  14. Tippy Canoe

    Week #11 the last game

  15. Tippy Canoe

    Week #11 the last game

    A moment of reflection I know it’s hard to deal with the cold, wet, and nasty last game of the regular season. It seems like it has been this way for the last 4 or 5 years. It almost seems as a right of passage. We as observers can wine and moan about the seating and parking situation, maybe we...
  16. Tippy Canoe

    Playoff Rematches- (Ok I was bored this morning)

    Piqua is playing Stebbins 2 weeks in a row
  17. Tippy Canoe

    d5 region 20 predictions

  18. Tippy Canoe

    Central Buckeye Conference 2022

  19. Tippy Canoe

    Central Buckeye Conference 2022

    Tippecanoe was the best thing to EVER come out of the CBC …… wait. Uhmmm……. Never mind.
  20. Tippy Canoe

    MVL 2022

    woulda coulda shoulda What you will see is an average team put a 40 on you. Oh well, we all need an example of where you need to be to be better