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    The fractured state of youth soccer.

    And an interesting article on Yahoo! About the current fractured and costly state of girls youth soccer….”turf wars” Not one but two GGCL alums on our 2023 WWC roster, Aubrey (Bledsoe) Kingsberry, GK SUA and...
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    Championship Game MND v Walsh

    Woo Hoo, my beloved Cougars made it to the state finals. What a dilemma tickets to the men’s WCQ or head to Columbus or both! Streaming might be an option, can anyone confirm? As of this posting it’s not listed here: ???
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    Gender Discrimination at CUP?

    They did indeed and it was paid for out of pocket of the player…If they are being ‘gifted’ items from the sponsor, it is the sponsor who is responsible. If CUP decides how to allocate that gift, then CUP is responsible. Do you know which it is?
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    Gender Discrimination at CUP?

    Could it be that Puma is the one who discriminated. CUP took what was gifted? I don’t know for sure, but things aren’t always as they appear I can say for certain sponsors in college sports gift the men’s teams (revenue sport or not) with a whole lot more than the women’s teams.