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    Grants for new wall and competition mats?

    Rich donors...and put their names/business on the mats.
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    Will the State Tournament be moved in the near future?

    I would hate for it to come to that. Its THE State Tournament...not divisional state. I'd personally rather keep Fri-Sun than completely change the format to something like that. Thats a big part of the attraction to the more casual fan if you are not following a kid or relative. The BS we...
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    Will the State Tournament be moved in the near future?

    I assume there is a multi year contract signed for the tournament. Does anyone know if that's at the end of its term? I would think plans need made well in advance if you are going to move it.
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    2024 State Tournament Predictions Report

    I think its normally just the personal motivation to improve. Possibly driven by the amount of work they know that they have put in and now see how much more work is required to have a shot at a final. Some kids are driven to strive for the top when they get a taste, some are satisfied at...
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    2024 B10 Pick'Em

    197 1. Aaron Brooks (PSU) 125 2. Drake Ayala (IOWA) 133 3. Nic Bouzakis (OSU) 184 4. Ryder Rogotzke (OSU) 174 5. Rocco Welsh (OSU) 165 6. Cameron Amine (MICH) 157 7. Will Lewan (MICH) 285 8. Bennett Tabor (MINN) 149 9. Drew Roberts (MINN) 141 T9. Vance VomBaur (MINN)
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    Wrestler murdered at Campbellsville University

    I had not heard about this. How terrible. Will pray for the families
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    Coaches Lying on records for seeding purposes

    If your a state champ your not wrestling the max # of matches in bracket tournaments though. But, yeah your math works other than that.
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    TV Viewing Guide 2/8 - 2/11

    How about Max Hermes going the distance with Beau Bartlett?
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    EBC Wrestling 2023-2024

    Wow, Norris with a big OT win. That weight is shaking out to be one of the tougher in their district.
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    Sectionals / Districts this year

    As far as record criteria i assume if there are multiple wrestlers to seed with that criteria to goes to win/loss record for seed order. So Criteria 1 seeds all state placers with the highest placers earning the best seed down to 8th place, sectional criteria then goes to record, then to head...
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    Carrollton Highschool wrestler killed in house fire

    I just read a news article about the senior wrestler at Carrollton who was killed in a house fire over the weekend. Lets send our prayers to the family and friends of this young man. This is heart breaking for the entire community and devastating to his parents I am sure.
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    Problems at OU

    Kish went to Oklahoma University, not Ohio University. I havent seen any updates on the Ohio issue.
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    Ohio State Video

    2 episodes available on flo...will have to check it out.
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    How does this effect us?

    It doesnt say a day off...its remote learning day for the student. I dont see why this would change anything at all with athletics.
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    Josie Davis DQ’d

    It seems very clear to me that the ref explained to her during the first stoppage that it was illegal due to the hand/wrist/arm across the neck and not on the chin. The second one is hard to tell in the video if shes on the chin or not, i'd have to say obviously not since it was stopped for the...
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    What has happened to the State Tournament

    I hear you on your points. My responses: A-The longer session time is kind of a bummer. It is what it is...we are there to watch wrestling anyway. I dont have an issue with the girls B- I wouldnt have issue with contrasting colors between the outer circle and OB. I do have issue with the 2...
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    State tournament schedule

    OHSAA really screwed up on the tickets. I would have to think there are going to be some upset people arriving for a 3:00 start time on Friday
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    East Palestine

    Haha...that issue was just a minor one!
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    East Palestine

    East Palestine water comes from an underground aquafer. Steubenville comes out of the Ohio River. I read that they are sending weekly water samples to the lab for VOC detection. Like i said, the last result i was able to find was that it was over the limit on the Butyl whatever. The water...
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    East Palestine

    You have at least 2 D2 sites drawing water from the Ohio River, Steubenville and Galia. Last water test i saw online showed detectable amounts of butyl acralate or something from the surface water at those towns. Im not excited to be going to steubenville and having my kid shower there...