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    SW Ohio Freestyle/Greco Qualifier Middletown

    Weigh-ins tonight. Park in front of the building and enter arena doors (flag pole).
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    SW Ohio Freestyle/Greco Qualifier Middletown

    This Saturday. Middletown High School 601 N. Breiel Blvd. Middletown, OH 45042 See attachment for details on times & prices.
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    Lets change OT in high school.

    The only change I could get on board with the current OT procedures is allowing "neutral" to be chosen in the 30/30 periods. No other change makes any sense to me.
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    Will the State Tournament be moved in the near future?

    I'll say it again, find a location that can host for 4 consecutive days. Day 1 & Day 2 Girls & Div. 1 Boys Day 3 & Day 4 Div. 2 & 3 Boys Tickets purchased for Day 1 & 2 are only good for Day 1 & 2. Rotate what divisions are paired together --- Example: 2025 D1 & Girls /// D2 & D3...
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    2024 NCAA Pick'Em

    125 - 4 - Matt Ramos – PUR 133 - 7 - Nasir Bailey – LR 141 - 8 - Sergio Lemley – MICH 149 - 6 - Austin Gomez – MICH 157 - 3 - Meyer Shapiro – COR 165 - 2 - Mitchell Mesenbrink - PSU 174 - 9 - Carter Starocci – PSU 184 - 5 - Lenny Pinto - NEB 197 - 12 - Rocky Elam – MIZZ 285 - 1 - Greg Kerkvliet...
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    State Champions Celebrations

    100% agree with the responsibility falling on the competitor. My take would be more so categorized as preventative officiating. Not required, but could help.
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    State Champions Celebrations

    No props. Wait until the opponent has left the outter circle before you do your flip, etc. A short repetitive chirp of the whistle can assist in reeling a wrestler back to reality and back to the inner circle for the handshake. It's the one thing I think officials miss the boat on utilizing...
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    Overtime Rules

    Not in that match. Nigh got an escape after choosing down. Graves got a reversal after choosing down.
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    - Weigh-ins conducted on arena floor - 10 scales on 10 mats - Individuals are staged in the arena seating - Video bout board used to assign weight/division to specific mat - Proceed to nearest Bob Evans
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    2024 B10 Pick'Em

    125 10. Tristan Lujan (MSU) 133 5. Aaron Nagao (PSU) 141 1. Beau Bartlett (PSU) 149 2. Austin Gomez (MICH) 157 10. Isaac Wilcox (OSU) 165 6. Cameron Amine (MICH) 174 7. Max Maylor (WIS) 184 4. Ryder Rogotzke (OSU) 197 8. Evan Bates (NU) 285 3. Lucas Davison (MICH)
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    Another Rough Day for Officials

    I'll push back just a little.... I'm assuming you refer to the conversations with NCAA referees after the matches are wrestled or during challenges since a coach isn't walking a college referee to the table like they are in HS. Most coaches (not saying you in particular) aren't aware that the...
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    OHSAA Tournament. Southwest..

    Doesn't sounds like that's a pass back. Even if called, it doesn't result in a PK. Indirect kick is the restart.
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    Mercy rule in playoffs this year - good idea or bad idea?

    If a coach is wanting to have bench players use a tournament game to get touches, then those bench players should be the starters for that game. When you're ready to end it, send in the normal starters and end it.
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    Tournament Field size for district semi’s and beyond

    Great location with a wide field. Hosted D3 district final last year.
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    November 5th fall duals -- Middletown High School

    November 5th (Sunday) 12 team max 1. Middletown 2. Teays Valley 3. Bucyrus 4. Pursuit Wrestling Club (Central Ohio) 5. Vandalia Butler 6. West Union 7. Oak Hills 8. Springboro 9. Lebanon 10. 11. 12. Email to enter your team.
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    November 5th fall duals -- Middletown High School

    Middletown High School (Middletown, OH) will again be hosting a fall dual tournament this year. We are hosting on November 5th with up to 12 teams permitted. If you are interested in fielding a team, please contact me directly. The time schedule and information is attached. Each year we have...
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    Middletown spring duals -- May 6th

    1 team spot is open. Individuals are welcome and will be placed on teams. Everyone will get 3-4 matches. For those wishing to attend as an individual, please complete the information sheet (link below) INDIVIDUAL ENTRY FORM
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    Middletown spring duals -- May 6th

    1 spot remains.
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    Middletown spring duals -- May 6th

    2 spots remain.