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  1. CatFan

    Friday Updates (11/24/23)

    Was 7-3 Avon at half vs Hoban
  2. CatFan

    Ignatius at Mentor

  3. CatFan

    2023 St. Ignatius Football

    For sure, soph QB has a HIGH ceiling
  4. CatFan

    Week 1: St. Ignatius @ Springfield

    Ignatius already playing a lot of sophs, might be time to put the soph QB in as well
  5. CatFan

    Friday Updates (11/04/22)

    Largest comeback in Ignatius history
  6. CatFan

    Friday Updates (8/26/22)

    Neither Ignatius or Mentor very good this year
  7. CatFan

    Friday Updates (8/26/22)

    Ignatius wins 26-20
  8. CatFan

    Friday Updates (8/26/22)

    Mentor Ignatius head to 3rd OT tied at 20
  9. CatFan

    Friday Updates (8/26/22)

    Ignatius Mentor tied at 20 headed to OT
  10. CatFan

    Friday Updates (8/26/22)

    20 - 20 ignatius scores with 3 minutes left but Mentor blocks. XP
  11. CatFan

    Region 1 Championship: St. Edward (12-1) vs. Medina (13-0)

    Interesting that the Ignatius game was the 1st time all year that Medina was held below 30 points all year, and the Bees needed 5 turnovers to get to 27 points. I see Eds learning from the game film and coming out with a 38-20 type of W. Good luck to both teams
  12. CatFan

    Cleveland St Ignatius at Springfield - Who's going to win this one

    Hate to see it, but the football program at Ignatius is not that strong and has been on a steady decline for years to the point that football is one of the weaker programs at the school. Soccer, hockey, baseball, crew, rugby, cross country, swimming, track, basketball and a few others are in...