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    The Massillon Effect

    I went to mt first Massillon game in 1962. My dad told me then that people hate Masillon. I ask him why? He said because they do. Some of the bigger catholic schools that pounded Massillon i didnt like either. But you had to respect what they did and how it was done. Discipline.
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    2023 Massillon Football

    My father told me over sixty years ago that people hate Massillon. I ask him why? He said because they do. And he was right. This was way before playoffs. . If you win consistently its going to happen. Even if you don't win a state championship they still hate you. I was at a mixer at my condo...
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    Willtrell Hartson

    Being a Massillon fan I am pulling for Hartson. But I cant believe they didn't give Lamar Sperling from Hoban a closer look. Tough kid.
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    2022 Massillon Football

    Absolutely. The way things are now. Massillon better realize what a great coach they have in more ways than one. Win or lose he is getting the most out of those kids.
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    2022 Massillon Football

    Surprised that no one has mention the passing of Ivory Benjamin. Great Massillon running back in the late 50's. I was too young to remember him. My father told me what a great running back he was. He told me they made a special pair of shoes for him to play in. He was 83 years old when he...
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    2022 Massillon Football

    I had Elwood Kammer as a driving teacher in 1971 at Massillon. Had Augie Mornistar as a principle. At the time i didn't know the impact they had on Massillon football. Same with Rocky Snyder 8th grade coach. Red Henderson science teacher in 9th grade. None of them would take any crap from...
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    Region 7 Championship: #4 Massillon vs #7 Green

    Yes it is. As a Massillon fan people have to quit coming on this site says thing like we are going to beat the other opponent by a certain score. We are not playing. The kids are. Green out played use pure and simple. You think the kids don't get on this site and read all these ridiculous pre...
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    Fed League Week 12 Rematch: McKinley vs Jackson

    Boy do the dogs have Jacksons number. They got drilled.
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    Friday Night Ohio App Dead? Anyone know of another app that tracks NE Ohio Scores?

    Seems like the local newspapers have turned Friday Night Ohio into subscriber's only viewing. Don't know how that happened.
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    Massillon Washington (Division II) vs Pickingerington Central (Division I) Who's going to win this one??

    Massillon is a young team. It showed. They lost to a better team. They will get better. Just look to the East and see what happened over there tonight. Be grateful for what we have.
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    2021 Massillon Football

    We cant win if we cant run the ball. Look at the rushing yardage for every championship game we have been in. Not good.
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    McKinley High School football head coach Marcus Wattley, seven assistant coaches suspended

    What good would open enrollment do? They have shut down Lehman, Lincoln and Timken. Hasn't done anything for McKinley.
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    2021 Massillon Football

    It just seems to me if these kids don't get their way. They just quit, take their ball and go home. Wait until they get into real life. You cant always have things your way. I am sure nothing was promised to him. I guess you just wish him good luck and move on. Go tigers.
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    2021 Massillon Football

    You are right. No one has done as much since Paul Brown for the program. The effort put in to further their education and athletic careers is phenomenal. Also teaching them about life after football. This staff would be very hard to replace.