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    Week 13: Kings (11-1) vs. Winton Woods (12-0) Round 2

    This will be the first Winton Woods team to win the state championship undefeated. With that being said I hope we come focused because Kings is not coming to lose. WW by 16
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    Kings vs Withrow

    Let’s go Withrow
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    Kings vs Withrow

    I’m giving Withrow the slightest of slightest edge with an upset. I really like what the coaching staff is doing there.
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    Round of 32: #6 Princeton at #3 Lakota West

    I think this will be a lot close one and I’m going with Princeton. I just smell a upset.
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    Best Cincinnati or Columbus game?

    Lakota West vs Princeton or Kings vs Withrow
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    Winton Woods v Ross Wk12

    WW by 16 times 2
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    Winton Woods/Kings showdown

    I think Kings may keep it close for 2 quarters but WW will run away with it. WW by 16
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    2022 Division II Poll Voting Discussion (Week 6)

    Yes maybe it may be biased because I’m an alum of WW. You got to beat the champ to be the champ.
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    2022 Division II Poll Voting Discussion (Week 6)

    I personally wouldn’t rank them in the top 19 because they have been losing. I don’t think there are many D2 teams that can beat them but we didn’t choose their schedule. I hope they are able to win a few more games and play WW in the playoffs.
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    Withrow @ Taft

    Good luck to both teams. I’m going with the Tigers in a close one.
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    Winton Woods (4-0) @ Little Miami (2-2)

    WW by 16 X’s 3
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    Withrow (1-3) @ Trotwood (1-3)

    I’m going Withrow in a tight one. Must win game for both teams
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    Turpin ( 0-3) @ Winton Woods ( 3-0 )

    WW with another comfortable win. WW by 16 X 2
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    Winton Woods vs West Clermont

    WW with another win here.
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    Withrow vs Springboro

    I’m going with Withrow in a close one. I do think this is a game Withrow needs to keep taking the right steps in building a program. Also I’m going to keep saying this but Withrow schedule is really good and well thought out IMO.
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    Winton Woods vs Walnut Hills

    Respectfully Withrow is not Winton Woods and I like Withrow a lot. WW by at least 3 scores.
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    Winton Woods vs Walnut Hills

    WW by 16. Nothing much to talk about this week.
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    Withrow vs Walnut Hills Predictions

    Great win. Withrow schedule is a really nice schedule this year when you look at it. I think they may be better than what they were last year. I like what the coach is doing over there.
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    Withrow vs Walnut Hills Predictions

    I got Withrow clear in this one.
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    Winton Woods vs Trotwood

    I think we will win by 21+. Trotwood isn’t the same but may have a few athletes. I do respectfully think we should possibly try and get a home and home with Princeton or Fairfield in the future.