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    PAC 2023

    The state department of education has said that’s not happening.
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    St.V-St.M 2022

    Gonna be hard to find a better one. Everybody knows that Willie had two important qualifications for the job 1. He was LeBron’s friend 2. See number 1
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    Federal League 2021-22

    anybody got an update on this? the family doesn't seem to be scared of attention
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    Summit County Basketball 2021-2022

    pretty level playing field. well done, again, by the OHSAA.
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    Centerville nationally ranked: SI and MaxPreps

    Saw them at Saint V last weekend. Great game, better contact buzz from the smell of the gym!
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    St.V-St.M 2022

    L O L. The school gets what it deserves putting Willie in charge of anything.
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    St.V-St.M 2022

    I love the open admission of recruiting. Yet Hoban and Walsh are still allowed to be in d2 and Sv perenially disappoints in d3.
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    St.V-St.M 2022

    for real?
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    St.V-St.M 2022

    correct. Hoban now has an official youth AAU program when it was already getting the best players in the city (and the more than occasional transfer from 10-50 miles away). I can agree that it's been cyclical historically, but not that there's ever been one program doing what Hoban has done or...
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    St.V-St.M 2022

    gotta try to beat Hoban and Walsh with the players who don't want to go to Hoban or aren't good enough to get recruited by Hoban. gotta deal with lofty expectations, a brutal schedule and the basketball program bringing in kids from multiple area codes and states, most of whom just want to play...
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    2021 VASJ Vikings Football: Official Thread

    then they must be totally false!
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    Sencire Harris to the Illini

    transfer in high school, transfer in college. a portal lock if there's ever been one.
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    2020 - 2021 Canton McKinley Boys Basketball Season

    did you guys not see the dad's third grade level Facebook post announcing the announcement 7 weeks ahead of time? do you think he'd do that to announce he's staying at his home school? wouldn't he have "committed" weeks or even months ago instead of taking visits and making announcements? it's...
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    2020 - 2021 Canton McKinley Boys Basketball Season

    zero percent chance he's playing for McKinley