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  1. BlasterMaster12

    DIII Regional 11 - Predictions?

    The speedy back won't be what will make a difference for BC. It'll be what they do to HT between the tackles and inside the box. If you look at HT's previous games against Liberty Union, Fairfield Union, Circleville and even Teays Valley; they were physically dominated in the box and could not...
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    OCC Expansion Again!

    It's about more than just football. I'm sure whoever joins, is probably not on the list. However, for fun, if I had to pick a team on this list, I'd pick Hamilton Township. Location wise, they are the best fit, IMO. They have top notch facilities that the community has invested in as well. They...
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    2023 New Head Coach Nicholas Bandstra from Bradford High School

    That's because he is a social media darling. That's his niche. Podcasts, youtube, coachtube, instagram, twitter, etc. He puts too much time into that and the social aspects of being a coach, and a lot less time actually being one. Those 10-15 hours a week spent editing social media channels...
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    Mid-State League 2022

  5. BlasterMaster12

    2022 Playoff Pick-Em Contest: Week 1 Pairings

    #7 Wadsworth #8 Olentangy Liberty #6 Grove City #9 St. Xavier #14 Solon #6 Avon Lake #7 Col. DeSales #7 Troy #7 CVCA #9 Tol. Scott #4 Tri-Valley #6 Chaminade Julienne #6 Jefferson Area #9 Galion #10 Bishop Hartley #10 Alter #10 Ridgewood #9 Liberty-Benton #9 Portsmouth #7...
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    We needed expanded playoffs for Covid with cancellations. Reduce it now.

    I honestly don't mind the top 16 getting in. What I do have issues with is doing this with 7 different divisions. This issue mainly arises in D1 and D7. There are quite a bit schools in those divisions qualifying at 3-7 or 2-8. If we would go back to 6 divisions, you'd see that even out, IMO...
  7. BlasterMaster12

    Mid-State League 2022

    There are some pretty rough leagues out there man. Has the MSL fallen off a little bit? Yes. The worst league in the entire state? No way. I do agree the Cardinal is rough, but the Buckeye isn't as terrible as people make it out to be. It's not as good as the 90's or early to mid 2000's, but...
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    Football numbers down in Ohio

    The thing I love about Ohio, is that is peppered with small towns and small high schools. That is the root and foundation of high school football in Ohio. I enjoy those types of atmospheres where the towns shut down and the families, friends, alumni and community members flood the stands. There...
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    Mid-State League 2022

    Two weeks in the books already. Any surprises to anyone in the MSL? Any talking points yet?
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    Football numbers down in Ohio

    I honestly think you're on to something here. Your response didn't receive much attention, because it's well-thought and put together. It seems most people on here are resorting to knee jerk comments and rude statements to one another. This reminds me of the intense, but immature culture of...
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    Mid-State League 2022

    I would have never guessed that Circleville would have had an overall winning record if they wouldn't of had these absolutely abysmal years. 5-6 years ago, they would of been 40 or so games over .500. Surprised with Fairfield Union as well. They have a pretty rich history. Just goes to show how...
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    Mid-State League 2022

    It's officially game week, and week 1 of the season. Any scoop on how the MSL looked during their scrimmages? Any predictions or games of interest? Crazy the season is already here again.
  13. BlasterMaster12

    Licking County League Pick 'Em Week 1

    Granville Heath West Muskingum Licking Heights Licking Valley Newark Catholic East Knox Centerburg Worthington Kilbourne Zanesville Other: Cincinnati Cleveland
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    New developments regarding the Mid-State League (08/04/22)

    OMG. That division would be a blood bath. Berne Union and maybe Fischer Catholic would be the only team to keep Harvest Prep under 60-70 points.
  15. BlasterMaster12

    Solution to the Mid-State League Problems

    Those are very interesting thoughts. I echo a lot of your talking points at times as well. I wonder if it is a combination of losing and lack of interest. Societal changes might play a large part as well. Kids in today's world have a much larger access to things to do and to occupy their time...
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    Solution to the Mid-State League Problems

    That golden Era of the MSL was a great time. The MSL of today doesn't feel the same. I'm not sure what it is, but it just feels like a shell of its former self. You can even throw in how competitive the Pickaway County games were back then. I remember going to games and the crowds were large and...
  17. BlasterMaster12

    D4 R15

    It's a mix between that and also outside of those two teams, this is a very bad and watered down region. It was a region that carried some decent schools in the Central Ohio area. I feel in that area of the state most of the people are following the D1 schools and D3 region 11 now (which is...
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    Worst Ohio HS FB stadiums

    Liberty Union. That place is disgusting. lol
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    Solution to the Mid-State League Problems

    I know they wouldn't leave the SVC, but I would rather have Westfall than Miami Trace or Court House. Those schools logistically are fine for schools like Circleville, Logan Elm or Amanda, but the other schools it would be tough. I know we all like to think on a scale of just Friday nights, but...
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    Solution to the Mid-State League Problems

    I know I sound like a broken record, but those of you who think the Buckeye will always stick together may be in for a surprise. I say may, because nothing is guaranteed and talk between high ranking officials doesn't always end with an agreement. They could stay together and surprise me for all...