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    OHSAA State Brackets Released!!

    First year that I truly know someone in both Boys and Girls side. Hoping for success for both of them.
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    State Tournament Dates

    It CURRENTLY is the same weekend. Under the stated idea, it wouldn't conflict.
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    Kids calling timeout

    If we want wrestling the be a gladiator sport, why even have injury time. You either keep going or you lose. (yes there is some sarcasm in this post)
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    What would be the best post season format for boys basketball?

    I understand what you are saying and it would simplify everything. However, it would never hold up in court. That family from St. Louis shouldn't count as a CB for anyone really. Same thing if a military family moves in or a family moves from Cincy to Toledo or Cleveland. Also, taking you...
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    High schools that you remember from years ago that no longer exist

    Looks like the current iteration is the second iteration of Stivers. It did close (as a HS) in 1976 and became a HS again in 1997.
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    OHSAA Hopes To Return To The Fairgrounds Coliseum for State Basketball Tournament In 2025

    Hockey is at least in Columbus. And since it is usually the same weekend as Wrestling both can't be at the Schott.
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    I Don’t Get It…

    Well when you accidentally give the kid with a severe peanut allergy something that existed in the same place as a peanut at one point and he dies, the school doesn't want to get sued.
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    OHSAA Why would you schedule Boys and Girls tournament games on the same day?

    So I kinda agree that there shouldn't be other OHSAA sporting events the same day as a State Championship. However, if we do make the change are we then also bound to not schedule Volleyball games and soccer games the same day because they could overlap? Do we need to not schedule anything on...
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    Ohio Heritage Conference 2024

    I also feel like Ben Logan is an easier drive than Triad. But that is coming from Springfield.
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    Cash sales for tourney games???

    When the hoop is paying for a ticket, possibly. Also, I can certainly see some schools calling the police to have you removed for entering without paying.
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    OHSAA Hopes To Return To The Fairgrounds Coliseum for State Basketball Tournament In 2025

    I know OSU isn't putting in for Basketball but was unaware they stopped putting in for wrestling.
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    I Don’t Get It…

    I do think this is some of it. From a domestic (lets include Canada for arguments sake) sports perspective, the only three championships that you know the exact time and date of in advance are the Super Bowl, CFP Championship, and Grey Cup.
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    OHSAA Hopes To Return To The Fairgrounds Coliseum for State Basketball Tournament In 2025

    Without changing the current setup, there is a very limited number of places it can be held. So hopefully the Schott stays an option. Not 100% of what OSU charges OHSAA for it but I would guess the other top options (Rocket Mortgage and Nationwide) would be more.
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    Weight Training = Sports Injuries

    I really think it depends on the injury.
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    Weight Training = Sports Injuries

    I do think some of the reason players aren't available every day, especially on teams expected to compete, is a desire to be the healthiest team at the end of the season. I'm sure most players could play through the nagging injuries but giving the guy a day or two off may get him "healed" and...
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    Is losing enough to move on from a HS coach?

    The additional money just isn't worth the time commitment.
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    Electronic Communication Devices from Dugout to Catchers to be Permitted in High School Baseball

    My HS only got away with it because my dad did stats for the baseball team and also had his admin license. Other times the AD would drive back and forth between the Softball and baseball games.
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    Is losing enough to move on from a HS coach?

    There are so many other variables that would go into the decision to keep or move on from the coach. Size of school, honest assessment of talent in relation to other schools you play, historical success (or lack thereof), how long has the losing been going on in relation to the coach's tenure...
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    Weight Training = Sports Injuries

    I do know that my brother's senior year the coach's wife would come one day a week and do yoga with them to help them learn the stretching and such
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    Weight Training = Sports Injuries

    You even have some parents hoping little Johnny needs Tommy John surgery because "its stronger after surgery than before".