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    Two handed roll

    95% of my team does. in my opinion, it is easier to improve bowling two handed vs one-handed
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    NFL Wants to charge double

    Define wokeness? The words man and woman escape their intellectual prowess
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    As The Nation Stumbles Towards War Do We Need To Unite Behind Biden ??

    for those of you who think we aren't going to war i have one question...Have we forgotten how we got entangled into the vietnam mess? do we think our government is incapable or unwilling to try that again? sorry, i guess two questions....
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    Trump Investigation, Lawsuit and Indictment Tracker

    Not true. We can now stand in front of judges houses and threaten them.
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    Why experts say two-parent families are the key to fighting inequality

    how do you spell "my wife and i got divorced and i am very sensitive to how that affected my children."
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    Trump or DeSantis in '24?

    Vivek is my guy
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    40% of Brown students say they are not Straight

    a wise parent/co-worker of mine thinks part of the issue with so many younger people self identifying as gay might be due to the fact that if someone is having trouble attracting the opposite sex, rather than looking at some internal flaw an individual has, they would rather assign it to the...
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    Special Election Aug. 8th Issue 1

    I have a history of voting down changes to our constitution. I am torn here. I don't like changing the constitution, but voting to make it harder to change the constitution.....I like it. I think most changes should (and could) happen through legislation
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    If Russia invades Ukraine pt 2

    how is it that the west simply can not (or will not) understand Russian (justified) Historical fear of being invaded? How many times has it happened in their history? we almost (would have if not for the sanity of Russia) went to war over nuclear weapons in Cuba.
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    If Russia invades Ukraine pt 2

    so we don't have a stinger replacement?
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    If Russia invades Ukraine pt 2

    I remember trump telling the media something along the line of, 'no, I am not going to tell you our battle plans.' now we have the genius fjb telling the world we are out of ammunition. gotta love fjb. way better president than trump.
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    Sound of Freedom.......

    does anyone believe human trafficking isn't a major problem on our southern border? does anyone believe that the good men and women working security on our border have any way of telling which children belong with which adults when people are detained at our border? does anyone believe the...
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    Reserve currency status

    I keep hearing/reading stories about oil no longer being traded in US dollars (usd). An epic collapse of our currency is at hand. true? Or conspiracy theory? should I be concerned? if so, what can be done to mitigate the damage at the family level?
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    Is the end near for Trump and his crime family?

    i really love math. 2+2=4. always has. always will. people on here saying they know things to be true that they have no actual knowledge of always gives me a smile. I learned not to do that in high school geometry. i guess some people missed that lesson.
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    Jim Jordan knows how to get answers

    She said “it was hope”. That isn’t proof in your eyes?
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    Is Yappi Censoring ? - You took down this Post .. Where's the Media on this ? - affluent LGBTQ-activist couple accused of sodomizing their young

    Are we so polarized that anyone would think a “conservative” would forgive a “white” dude of this crime. Sometimes the things that people suggest are utterly ridiculous.
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    The Vaccine is Effective

    People are still selling this line?