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  1. MontetheCarlo

    Ohio State Football 2023

    Maybe if POSu “fans” donated $ to the NIL collective instead of buying jerseys at Walmart they could get a big time QB.
  2. MontetheCarlo

    Bob Huggins

    Until somebody gets killed. UC actually won national championships before Slob Huggins arrived. But don't let facts get in the way.
  3. MontetheCarlo

    Bob Huggins

    Hate to pile on, but…. I knew a radio sales rep who worked at the radio station (700?) that broadcasted his coach’s show at UC. I quote: “His entourage was worse than Pete Rose’s when he was running with gamblers.” The guy’s a drunken pig.
  4. MontetheCarlo

    Ezekiel Elliott

    The same thing was said about Pac-Man and Burfict. He’s wasted $.
  5. MontetheCarlo

    Ezekiel Elliott

    Might as well sign Ray Rice.
  6. MontetheCarlo

    SAE vs Sigma Chi in the Ole Miss student section

    Intramural water polo at Ole Miss will have an interesting season.
  7. MontetheCarlo

    Another Pit Bull kills a child.

    Great pets. All the pit bull supporters should own one. Or two, depending on how many young kids they have.
  8. MontetheCarlo

    Ohio State Recruiting

    Think anyone will give him a pickup for NIL?
  9. MontetheCarlo

    What remakes would you actually like to see?

    The Dirty Dozen would be interesting with a modern cast.
  10. MontetheCarlo

    Band of Brothers

    SPR and Band of Brothers are top 2 for me due to realism. Highly underrated is When Trumpets Fade. It's about the Battle of Hurtgen Forest. Ron Eldard, Frank Whaley, Tim Olyphant are in it. Well done.
  11. MontetheCarlo

    Tanking allegations made by ex-Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson can't be substantiated, independent review shows

    The best way for the Haslams to tank was to keep him as the coach instead of firing him.
  12. MontetheCarlo

    Suggestions for first handgun for home defense?

    My carry is a Sig 365 in 9 mm Wife carries a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield in .40. Similar in size. Look at a Sig Tac Pac. Decent price and it comes with 3 mags and a holster. Quality firearm.
  13. MontetheCarlo

    Braxton Miller and new Ohio Prep School

    Attending Ohio State is proof of that.
  14. MontetheCarlo

    Push Mower Starts But Stalls Within Few Seconds

    I agree on the gas thing, especially if its been sitting for awhile.
  15. MontetheCarlo

    What are the most dangerous intersections for crashes in Northeast Ohio?

    Hate to change the subject, but .... I got a letter in the mail indicating I owe $100 for speeding in Walton Hills. One of those evil traffic cameras. And all along I thought they were outlawed.
  16. MontetheCarlo

    How does your HS program cut players?

    When I played, a list was posted in the locker room in the morning. If you were on the list, you were in. Varsity list and JV list. Pretty simple way to do it. Back then we had maybe 75 kids out for 30 spots. Pretty nerve-wracking that first year trying out wondering if you were going to make...
  17. MontetheCarlo

    Ohio State Buckeyes 2022

    Surely none of the problem comes from middle-aged clowns in Wal-mart jerseys posting their expert analysis of 19 year old kids on sports forums.