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    Notre Dame

    Beaux Collins announces he’s coming to ND and Howard Cross III announces he’s returning for another year.
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    NBA In-Season Tournament to debut in '23-24 season

    With the in-season tournament over, what’s your verdict? For me personally, I’d say it made me mildly more aware of things happening in the NBA, but it didn’t create enough interest to actually make me watch any of the quarters, semis or final game this week.
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    Bearcats baskteball

    Xavier, as always, owns UC. Same old story, the only thing made of as much tissue paper as UC’s schedule is their poise and ability to perform in a big-game situation. Losing to the random collection of mediocrity on XU’s roster is pathetic.
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    Ohtani agrees to sign with Dodgers

    Kind of wish Ohtani had signed with the Blue Jays to mix things up and get more of his games in the Eastern time zone’s primetime window, or at least go to the Cubs even though it would add competition for the Reds. Ohtani staying in LA is pretty boring overall.
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    Ohtani agrees to sign with Dodgers

    Ohtani now is worth more than Reds lead owner Bob Castellini and probably a couple other teams’ lead owners.
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    2023-24 Free Agency Discussion

    So Ohtani goes to the Dodgers as many expected. Ten years, $700 million — much of it apparently will be deferred money. That is absolutely insane money no matter how good the player is. How many organizations could even get in the same ballpark on the money? Dodgers, Mets, maybe Yankees, maybe...
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    Cotton Bowl: #9 Mizzou (10-2) vs. #7 Ohio State (11-1)

    Not really. Sure, everyone was enamored with Boise State back then, but I remember as far back as 2008 Alabama just sleepwalking in the Sugar Bowl vs Utah because their season had ended when they lost to Florida in the SEC title game a month prior to that.
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    Portal News

    Dillon Gabriel officially announced he’s heading to Oregon.
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    Ohio State Recruiting

    Ohio State cheating?
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    Big Ten Basketball 2023

    I see that perpetually overrated Michigan State is 4-4 despite starting the season #4. You’d think with the comparative roster continuity that Izzo employs, they should be winning most of those early-season toss-up games. But nope. It looks like a bleak year for Big Ten hoops unless Purdue...
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    The Official 2024 Reds season thread

    The White Sox have had so much trouble filling 2B and RF the past few years that ordinarily a trade package involving India, Fraley and prospects for Cease would be very enticing. And maybe they’d still consider it. But they’re so far adrift in the wilderness that I can’t see India and Fraley...
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    2023-24 Free Agency Discussion

    I guess I didn’t really pay any attention to the Yankees near the end of the season. I didn’t realize they converted Michael King to a starter in late August through the end of the season. Maybe he’ll be the new Nick Martinez for the Padres. So the Padres got four controllable potential starting...
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    The Official 2024 Reds season thread

    Barring any additions/subtractions that change the current position-player group, I assume the Reds will generally line up like this: C Stephenson 1B Candelario/CES 2B McLain SS De La Cruz 3B Marte DH CES/Candelario LF Steer CF Friedl RF Benson/Fraley Bench: C Maile INF India OF Benson/Fraley...
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    The Official 2024 Reds season thread

    Benson and Fraley have to see a move like that and wonder about their playing time next year. I’d assume Steer and Friedl are going to start the year with every chance to be the full-time LF and CF starters, leaving RF for Benson and Fraley to compete for.
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    2023-24 Free Agency Discussion

    Biggest names still available: DH/SP Shohei Ohtani SP Yoshinobu Yamamoto SP Blake Snell CF/1B Cody Bellinger SP Jordan Montgomery There’s also a ton of smoke around the White Sox trading SP Dylan Cease to the highest bidder. Some other quality names on the board: CL Josh Hader 3B Matt...
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    2023-24 Free Agency Discussion

    It looks like the dam started to break yesterday: Juan Soto and Trent Grisham head to the Yankees, with reliever Michael King, SP Jhony Brito, catcher Kyle Higashioka and two prospects (including P Drew Thorpe) headed to San Diego in return. The Yankee outfield was a major problem last year...
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    The Official 2024 Reds season thread Reds sign 1B/3B Jeimer Candelario to a 3-year, $45 million deal. That one should pretty much guarantee that Steer won’t be seeing much if any action in the infield going forward.
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    The Official 2024 Reds season thread

    Tough to put Strasburg in there since he helped bring a championship to Washington, but otherwise agreed.
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    The Official 2024 Reds season thread

    Pretty much. Although the rules seem more complex than the NBA draft lottery — some of which I’m not familiar with. I believe there are certain constraints for revenue-sharing paying teams that don’t exist for RS payees. I know White Sox fans were unhappy last night because there’s some rule...
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    NCAA Proposes New Division I

    Where’s Notre Dame?