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  1. lakerbolt

    WK 13 Massillon (12-0) vs Lake (9-3)

    That was Lake's 3rd string center. Two in front of him were hurt. Just an FYI. Lake has some injuries like last year and not a lot of depth. Even if they were at 100% it would be hard to compete with the Tigers this year.
  2. lakerbolt

    Week 5: Louisville Leopards (1-3) at Lake Blue Streaks (3-1)

    I'm shocked. Always no matter the records, win or lose, Louisville would play Lake tough and physical. Tonight the Leopards were just not there. No disrespect as I'm sure these young men have worked and practiced hard all summer. I feel bad as that program has such a rich tradition.
  3. lakerbolt

    Friday Finals (9/15/23)

    Uniontown Lake 49 Louisville Leopards 0
  4. lakerbolt

    Friday Updates (9/15/23)

    Lake 49 Louisville 0 Start of the 4th 3rd quarter was fast with the running clock
  5. lakerbolt

    Friday Updates (9/15/23)

    At the half Uniontown Lake 42 Louisville 0
  6. lakerbolt

    Week 5: Louisville Leopards (1-3) at Lake Blue Streaks (3-1)

    42-0 Lake at the half. Louisville looks lethargic. Not the Leopard football I know
  7. lakerbolt

    week 12: D2 Region 7 ~ DeSales @ Lake

    Lake got lucky tonight. I love the Blue Streaks, but we got lucky winning the turnover battle. I don't understand not making adjustments at half. DeSales was running well to end th 1st half and came out and drove it right down the field. Why wouldn't Lake go to a 5 man front or have the...
  8. lakerbolt

    We needed expanded playoffs for Covid with cancellations. Reduce it now.

    Exactly the point. It was needed in 2020 due to Covid. In 2020 how many teams played a complete schedule? Very few if any. Now that we are back to full 10 game schduled. This expanded playoffs including teams with losing records is a OHSAA money grab.
  9. lakerbolt

    Friday Finals (10/28/22)

    That is a shame. I'm sorry. I was hoping Lake would get to play Dover.
  10. lakerbolt

    Week 7: McKinley vs Lake

  11. lakerbolt

    Week 7: McKinley vs Lake

    How did they score the 2nd TD
  12. lakerbolt

    Week 2: Maple Heights @ Lake

    Are you at the game? Can you provide updates?
  13. lakerbolt

    What's happened at Lake (Stark County)

    What I have noticed over the past few years that is the difference between DeGeorge and Durbin is: 1. In game adjustments. 2. Play your best 11 on each side period. Durbin would not hesitate playing kids both ways to change momentum. Durbin did not play 11 only, but he would play maybe 5-7...