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  1. w1llie

    Elder Wrestling 2023-2024

    La Salle is listed as being in the Ironman this weekend too. not sure what wrestlers will be at Ryle.
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    Open House was last night, hoping they got good response
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    Are you a true West Sider??

    yesterday on 700 Brian Combs mentioned the paving would be completed on Glenway by seton and elder etc.. last night after leaving the PAC I drove on Glenway towards western hills and is was dodge em of raised sewer lids, and all kinds of other obstacles. not sure why it's taken so long...
  4. w1llie

    OHSAA Tournament. Southwest..

    I thought Seton looked impressive. a lot of pressure on goal. the offside trap they run is impressive.
  5. w1llie

    Are you a true West Sider??

    I thought the same. someone said a couple other places were going in - like the one in Harrison
  6. w1llie

    Are you a true West Sider??

    since 1976
  7. w1llie

    Are you a true West Sider??

    Before I drift away into the sunset The Main Entrance final day will be November 22nd
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    Cincinnati LaSalle

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    700 WLW

    that one cracks me up because they say something stupid like '... your teeth look good even while you're sleeping..'
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    just sharing this in this thread. great story
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    2023 Football Opponent Results

    he must have stopped taking his meds
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    that's a good question. I'd think 150-160 would be good. that way you're at about 600 enrollment every year.
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    112 graduated in 2023. hopefully next few years bring in increased #'s. early on the prep/principal have really been out making themselves visible
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    Best storyteller songs?

    cats in the cradle - Harry Chapin. (certainly depressing too)
  15. w1llie

    700 WLW

    the back and forth with Mike and Kimberly Adams is unique. she gets off topic very easily and it gets to be a personal chat sometimes. not sure what happened to the guy (I forgot his name at the moment), but he was good
  16. w1llie

    700 WLW

    damn, dominating lately
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    2023 Elder Football

    I've muted he/her for a while. odd seeing 'ignored member' as last comment in so many different threads. lol
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    Misheard Song Lyrics

    this t-mobile commercial made me laugh back in the day Preview
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    Elder Enrollment Strategy

    I know 1 of 7 the dad is an Elder grad.
  20. w1llie

    700 WLW

    Would love Mike from noon - 3:00 but I agree about him enjoying the afternoons off. I dis-like Sloans show though, he doesn't take calls, and I think a lot of those bits are pre-recorded. there's no caller interaction to get people involved. that's also 1 of the things I dislike about Broo...