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    Friday, December 8 Final Scores

    Ignatius 75 Louisville 62
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    DI Springfield vs St Edward Updates (12/01/23)

    You did not read the participation report in the link that he provided. At the very bottom is the listing all those that PLAYED in that game. The Armstrong twins did not C'mon you can do better - how about congratulating St. Edward?
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    Strongsville's Lou Cirino is Out

    Strongsville school enrollment figures
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    Strongsville's Lou Cirino is Out

    I agree that Strongsville is not a dead program. I just disagreed with the parochial school "recruiting" conventional wisdom (not espoused by you) I posted the high school enrollment figures above (per the school district's website). Those are the numbers for the high school. It does not...
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    Strongsville's Lou Cirino is Out

    Here's the Strongsville HS enrollment history (per its own website) 6/7/17 - 1981 5/3/18 - 1918 5/6/19 - 1960 4/14/20 - 1911 4/8/21 - 1913 5/6/22 - 1871 5/5/23 - 1795 12/1/23 - 1807 I don't see growth, unless this school year is being compared to the end of last school year I would call this...
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    Strongsville's Lou Cirino is Out

    Being a resident of S'ville - to characterize the parochial schools as “raiding” to the detriment of Strongsville HS is a misrepresentation of the reality. I would argue that the kids at St. Joseph & John in Strongsville and in its CYO program are not destined to be Strongsville HS students...
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    St. Ignatius basketball 2023-2024

    I was at the game. The Cats were ok, considering it was the opening game of the season. Medina was ranked #14 in NE Ohio by and had some height in their starting line-up with two listed @ 6-5 and one listed @ 6-6. Here are links to game summaries by the Medina Gazette and the...
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    Richmond Hts. 2023-2024 preview

    Agreed with respect to the OHSAA tournament. However, there has to be some lessons learned for their upcoming regular season 'national' schedule (Philly Imhotep, Lower Merion PA, the Christmas tournament in Florida, Thornton IN, West Minster FL, Huntington WV Prep) and perhaps some of the state...
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    Federal League 2023-2024's preview and rankings include Summit but not Stark county
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    St. Ignatius basketball 2023-2024

    Interesting to see that Tom Parker '10 is back as Player Development Director
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    St. Ignatius basketball 2023-2024

    Also, congratulations to Reece Robinson on his commitment to Cleveland State
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    St. Ignatius basketball 2023-2024

    Schedule Dec. 2 Medina Dec. 8. Louisville Dec. 12 Villa Angela-St.Joseph Dec. 16 Richmond Heights @ Tri-C (Cleveland Scholastic Play-by-Play Classic) Dec. 17 Reynoldsburg @ Capital Univ. Dec. 23 Maple Heights Dec. 27 Buffalo NY Canisius @ Jesuit Invitational - Tampa FL Dec. 28 TBD...
  13. B's 10 things to know about Division 1 basketball, including pre-season '23-'24 state rankings For those without a subscription, the following are key excerpts from the article 1. What’s the preseason state top 10? 1. Garfield...
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    2024 St. Ignatius Football Congrats to Tommy Eichenberg '19
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    The 2023-24 Boys Basketball Preseason Top 25

    Ignatius’ ranking is probably because there’s 4 players with D1 offers/commitments, 7 players returning that played major minutes last season (including in the tournament), the addition of 2 who did not play in the lineup last season and will get significant playing time this season. The...
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    DI State Semifinal: Lakewood St. Edward vs. Hilliard Bradley

    Normally don't talk about injuries, but this is all public knowledge - in print and on the Spectrum broadcasts Bradley's QB Bradyn Fleharty - The Col. Dispatch's report said he expects to play next Friday. Fleharty had 180 yards rushing and 169 yards passing vs UA in the regional finals Ed's...
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    DI State Semifinal: Lakewood St. Edward vs. Hilliard Bradley

    Wondering what the impact of injuries to impact players that incurred last Friday will be? St. Ed's had 2 and Bradley had 1
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    Region 1: #1 Lakewood St. Edward vs #6 Medina

    Hopefully Thomas' and Mason's injuries are not serious. They'll be needed (Thomas, probably more so) for the coming game(s)
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    Friday Updates (11/17/23)

    St. Edward 42 Medina 7 running clock
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    Region 14: #1 Sandusky Perkins vs #2 Cleveland Glenville

    Isn't Bryce West #2? Does not look like he's on the field tonight.