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    Richmond Hts. 2023-2024 preview

    Agreed. Fact of the matter is they more than likely will be the 2023-2024 Ohsaa D4 State Champions and everyone else is playing for 2nd.
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    Richmond Hts. 2023-2024 preview

    For years to come it appears . . .
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    Richmond Hts. 2023-2024 preview

    My guess is because all the small schools now have no chance whatsoever for the forseeable future and that little "Johnny", who may play on one of those small schools currently, will just have to settle for a trip to the State "Final Four" as opposed to a realistic chance to win it all...
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    Richmond Heights Spartans 2023-24 Boys Basketball Preview

    Whelp, one division champion determined this year. Thanks for participating everyone else . . . lol
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    2023-2024 Division 2 Favorites

    True. What did they lose? Gain?
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    Summit County Basketball 2023-24

    No Buchtel?
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    OHSAA: Behind Closed Doors..Adding Basketball Division

    Everyone gets a tropyy . . .
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    Maxpreps RPI to be used for Basketball Seeding

    Not to mention they(Martins) collected most, if not all, of the results from various outlets. While its way to early to call obviously, I can see Max Preps being a disaster.
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    Maxpreps RPI to be used for Basketball Seeding

    Rest assured they won't. They will continue to miss scores and have inaccurate schedules.
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    TJ Crumble Transferring to Richmond Heights

    Not according to the Ohsaa. LOL It seems division 3 and 4 are a rap months before the season already started. LOL
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    TJ Crumble Transferring to Richmond Heights

    Not so sure about that. While they did lose Crumble and the nice lefty guard, they still have the Michigan State kid and I think they picked-up another big post over the summer. Seemed legit when I watched him play.
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    TJ Crumble Transferring to Richmond Heights

    Lol. True. What is crazy is doesn't Richmond Heights return all five starters? Only 5 can play at one time and there is literally only one basketball. Insane.
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    TJ Crumble Transferring to Richmond Heights

    Whelp. So much for the suspense in Division 4 in '23-'24. And probably D 3 for that matter as well . . .
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    Transfers and player movement

    So now we're even making internet announcements transferring from one high school to another? Unreal . . .
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    HS Scheduled games at Division I Universities in Ohio?

    Where do they play those showcase games in Columbus? I think they take place in September maybe?
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    Darryn Peterson headed to Huntington Prep

    I'm actually shocked he didn't end up at ASVSM.
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    June Summer Ball

    Richmond Heights and Lutheran East will more than likely win D4 and D3 respectively, again, which probably only leaves 1 & 2 as the only "races" worth watching.
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    Midwest Live

    Anyone heading out there this weekend?
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    Division Breakdown for '23-'24