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    Can Mason B & G repeat another double win at DI State meet

    Well dang coach, I suppose this means that when Kilbourne and Coffman square off in a few weeks at regionals along with W North, Orange, Lancaster, Jerome, etc., we should only score 4 runners. Or shoot, maybe just 3. You know, get rid of that enrollment-enhanced depth advantage y'all have over...
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    XC Rivalaries

    Agreed. I guess as an outsider to these two programs, I can definitely see the rivalry. To me, that's a sign that the it's a significant one. I doubt many outside of the Hard Rd or OCC Capital would pick up on the intense rivalry that Kilbourne and Scioto have when they line up, but these teams...
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    XC Rivalaries

    Davidson and Coffman definitely have a great rivalry. But unless you're just referring to your division of the OCC, this isn't true. Duvall (Pick N) won back-to-back individual regional titles a few years ago. If you do mean within the OCC, I'm not sure that's such a big deal. Many divisions are...
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    2023 XC Season

    Did Carmel run their full varsity, Coach? Your guys gave them a good battle. That team is Mason 2x.
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    2023 XC Season

    Thoughts on the rankings this week, coach? I mean....
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    2023 XC Season

    Weren't rankings due out today? Typically noon on Thursday, right?
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    Mason D1 - St. X ROMPS the 4x8 - 7:44.08

    Lancaster must be considered the favorite. They ran 7:45 without 1:54 Wes Taylor in the mix, and with 1:51 Colton Thress coasting after getting the baton well ahead of Gabelman.
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    NBIN - Notable Ohio Entries (distance)

    This is in no way comprehensive, so sorry... I know it's incomplete. But here's a decent snapshot of Ohio entries at NBIN in Boston next week. I'm really curious to see how Ackley fares against other studs. 8:55? Looks like the Buckeye state will be pretty well represented... Girls 1600...
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    Milesplit - Verified Lists vs. Regular?

    Anyone know the difference between the D1 (or D2/3 for that matter) "verified" indoor lists vs. the regular D1 indoor lists that I've been looking at all winter? In the 1600 for example, Gianni Allwien's 4:21 from Mt St. Joseph in mid January doesn't appear on the verified list/rankings, but...
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    Data for Discussion - Is this the impact of evolving spike technology?

    I'd say it's most likely because of you, coach... considering all those Gales recently running under 4:20, 4:30, 2:00, 9:35, etc.!
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    State (Team) predictions, Division 1

    You got me thinking, Mathking. How would you feel about having Sam Richuitti, Weston Day, and Josh Razor (all Dublin kids) lining up along with Liam and Will this year? The answer... you would've crushed Mason and brought home a title. Here are my estimates of your hypothetical combined schools...
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    Troy meet

    The problem with courses like these is what I call the "Milesplit Effect", meaning kids look more to the watch than actually racing and beating people. Who cares if you ran 16:00 if you also finished behind runners you've been beating all year? Coaches are victims of this too. When distrcit...
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    Track and Field Divisions?

    Did you watch last year's meet? The biggest school won.
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    OATCCC Rankings

    Thanks for the Intel on Medina. That's what I was missing on them. Results from Pick N: Wheeling Park (WV) - 144 Westerville North - 146 Gahanna Lincoln - 158 Desales - 166 D. Coffman - 173 W. Kilbourne - 185 D. Jerome - 187 D. Scioto - 192 Pick North - 203 Olentangy - 240? Depth rules the...
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    OATCCC Rankings

    Correct & rightfully so - Solon ran really well and got rewarded. And, Howell looked strong with that charge he made late in the race to finish 6th. He almost caught Gianni. I just yearn for more of the same attention top to bottom in the rankings. Seems like there's a lot of "ah these guys...
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    OATCCC Rankings

    Am I missing something about the current rankings of the Medina, Thomas Worthington or Dublin Jerome boys teams? There were a good number of teams who finished well ahead of these three at the preseason meet - esp Medina, who finished 23rd (!) in that meet, but is now ranked 10th in the state...
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    OATCCC Rankings

    At Pickerington North... Coffman, Kilbourne, Jerome, Westerville N, and Pick N, among others. Should be a battle up front.
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    OATCCC Rankings

    Seems to be pretty much right off of Milesplit team rankings for returners, as flawed as that can be. D1 boys, anyway. A fair number of teams are ranked that didn't get out of regionals last year.
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    4 divisions for track?

    Dublin's pay-to-play is only $50?