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    DIV State Semifinal: Steubenville vs. Kettering Alter

    That’s the dumbest thought ever!
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    Friday Updates (11/24/23)

    Have you ever been to Glenville? If not for Ted Ginn, no one would go there!
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    Friday Updates (11/24/23)

    Class will tell, Reno!
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    Friday Updates (11/24/23)

    Because? It’s number of boys, not how athletic they are!
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    Friday Updates (11/10/23)

    There’s that Medina D!
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    Friday Updates (11/3/23)

    Recruits over Catholics?
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    Friday Finals (10/20/23)

    Maple Hts 34 Lorain 53 teams share LEL title. John Salaman for Lorain has 341 yards rushing!
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    Friday Updates (10/20/23)

    Maple Hts 14 Lorain 25 Half
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    Friday Finals (10/13/23)

    Avon was 56-21 late
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    #15, 2-6, "Control Own Destiny"...THE PLAYOFFS KINDA SUCK.

    It’s never about anyone on here! In every other HS sport every team gets a chance at the tournament. Football arguably requires the biggest commitment. Why shouldn’t the kids get the experience?
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    Friday Finals (10/6/23)

    Shaw 0 Lorain 57
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    Oberlin cancels game because of injuries.

    Oberlin had 12 kids ar practice earlier this week. Injuries and colds have left 5 healthy linemen.
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    Solon/Euclid week 8 will not be played.

    They would have gone if they were 6-1 instead of 1-6!
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    Solon/Euclid week 8 will not be played.

    I’m guessing that Solon is 1-6 and doesn’t want to honor a commitment to a fellow conference member! Typically classless!
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    Officiating, what is happening?

    It’s actually better in FB than in sports where the fans are closer! Go to a soccer game and see what I mean!
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    Elyria Catholic placed on probation for football recruiting violation

    Probation means don’t do this; no sanctions on coach or school. If he even inadvertently spoke to an athlete, he was wrong; not big time wrong, letter of the rule wrong. Nothing to see here.
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    Friday Finals (9/15/23)

    Lorain 20 Willough y South 7 Lorain equals their win total from the last 3 years at 4-1
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    Friday Finals (9/8/23)

    Lorain 41 Akron Firestone 0 Lorain 3-1 eq last years win total.
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    Glenville or Ginn Academy?

    I own a home that I don’t live in!
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    Glenville or Ginn Academy?

    I am a school board member of an urban district in NE Ohio. There are several charter schools in our district. We have fall athletes who attend 7 different schools!