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    What school in Ohio is the most successful without a playoff title?

    Nobody is making excuses. Avon didn’t have the better team, sometimes just not as good and sometimes due to key injuries, in all but two of eight semifinal trips. I would say the 1996 team really should have won it all in D5 in 1996, but Pleasant won 21-14. I said before the playoffs Avon...
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    Ohio State Recruiting

    There are a few interesting QBs in the portal, but I doubt OSU shows any interest and no QB would come here unless guaranteed they would be allowed to win the job over McCord.
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    College Football 2023-2024

    Washington off to a fast start. So far Bo Nix’s ten years of college experience isn’t paying off for the Ducks.
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    DIV STATE FINAL Glenville vs Alter

    I just hope Glenville gets to keep that scheduling that allows them to trade in some Senate games for non-league games. I hope they keep playing Avon and Hoban and can add some other challenges on the schedule, like Massillon or Toledo CC. Glenville is a big time program that pushes even the...
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    Massillon Tigers 2023 State Champions

    Congrats to the Tigers 🐅
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    What school in Ohio is the most successful without a playoff title?

    You left out the 1996 D5 state semi team that lost to eventual state champ Marion Pleasant. Oh, and Big Walnut was the defending D3 state champs when Avon lost to them.
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    Regular season matchups you'd like to see!

    Avon vs... Massillon Toledo CC (as long as they are not in our region) Mentor St Edward Cin Moeller Hudson Chardon
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    Regular season matchups you'd like to see!

    They've been trying, but the dates haven't worked yet.
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    Cavs 2023-24

    I'm not going that far. Not a Garland fan, but he is not a bad player by any stretch of the imagination. The season will only be a failure if the Cavs fail to win a playoff series.
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    Cavs 2023-24

    I still maintain it would have been wise to shop Garland and Allen in the offseason for the right deal, since there is no real pressure to trade them.
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    Cavs 2023-24

    I’m already as certain as I was last season that the Cavs are going nowhere with JB as coach. He’s one of those coaches that’s good at introducing young players to the NBA, but his usage life is over with this older Cavs team and they’ve tuned out JB.
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    What school in Ohio is the most successful without a playoff title?

    Most were just losses to a better team under any circumstances. A couple were bad luck, bad health. You have be both lucky and good to win it all, and when you’re closed enrollment the margin for error is slim. When I made my playoff predictions in the D2/R6 thread heading into the playoffs I...
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    What school in Ohio is the most successful without a playoff title?

    Avon is at 37 wins, but no state titles even with eight trips to the state semifinals 😞
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    DeSantis - Newsom debate

    DeSantis won the debate on substance, but Newsom won on style. He is an extremely gifted retail politician with very bad policies. DeSantis struggles as a retail politician, but is a superior leader. Unfortunately, style almost always beats substance in this shallow unserious nation.
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    DII Massillon vs Hoban Updates (11/30/23)

    Hard to watch this as an Avon fan and wondering what might have been with the starting QB healthy and the frustration of letting that Hoban game get away. But it is what it is and Hoban or Massillon is going to hold up the trophy in a few minutes.
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    2023 College Football Playoff

    Ummmm, because Washington beat them in head to head play. While we’re at it let’s ask him why Michigan is ahead of Ohio State, or why Texas is a head of Bama.
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    General NFL Chat

    And he’s not the idiot that drafted midget Bryce Young.
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    General NFL Chat

    Josh Dobbs shows again why he’s a career back up. The magic has run out and the Vikings give away another one tonight. Take it to NASA, Josh. Your NFL days look to be just about done.
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    Cleveland Browns 2023 Edition

    To all those who wanted Josh Dobbs, he has crashed back down to earth. The last couple weeks he looks like a PJ Walker-esque QB.
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    Media/ Fan influence on pro sports teams

    It’s not just sports. It’s societal. It’s become an impatient instant gratification society. We no longer value stability. People change jobs, residences, spouses like they’re changing underwear. Ask anyone in a customer service industry how insufferable people have become. Everyone wants...