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    2024 Final Four Predictions

    Anyone up for a way too early Final Four prediction for each division?
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    State finals predictions?

    Moeller 1-0 (ot) Revere 2-0 Worthington 2-1
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    2023 Boys Soccer State Tournament Pairings

    My friend, name for me a time when the OHSAA has turned down money. It'll be rocking with most people standing.
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    2023 Boys Soccer State Tournament Pairings

    Perhaps, but as a player I would imagine seeing every inch of the sidelines covered with fans packing around the pitch would be great as well. CJ would have been a great option.
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    Division III State Semifinal: Worthington Christian vs Waynesville

    Worthington Christian has the pedigree - 12 final fours and 3 state titles since 2000. Plus they are absolutely cooking right now. But Waynesville has won several games in a row as the underdog. Should be a great matchup of contrasting styles.
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    Southwest Ohio Regional Final Predictions...and scores!

    I think we're going to get a 2018 rematch of Moeller vs. Medina. Moeller is getting their ring this year.
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    Centerville vs Moeller

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    Mercy rule in playoffs this year - good idea or bad idea?

    kinda missed the mark on the whole purpose of the MERCY rule, huh?
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    Moeller 2 St Xavier 0

    Nowhere near a hater, just a little jab in jest. I could have referenced Hamilton too, but I went with Mt. Healthy. It's a little funny to me how much they like to talk about themselves on the internet though. Jokes aside, Moe deserves all the flowers. Category 5 super team. They're on the...
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    Moeller 2 St Xavier 0

    Mount Healthy didn't score on them?
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    Tournament Field size for district semi’s and beyond

    Looks like D3 Regional Finals are at CJ.
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    Centerville suffers 1st loss of the season

    Interested to see what the stats were from this match. Sounds like an incredible second half and great environment at Wade.
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    Tournament Field size for district semi’s and beyond

    I'm hearing SW district semis may be hosted by home team (higher seed) site this year.
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    State Poll for week of 9/18

    What do you make of a Centerville/Moeller matchup? Seems like they're destined to meet in regionals, again. Offense and set pieces vs. best defense in the region?
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    Southwest Ohio Predictions

    Sure, but xG is for people who make excuses. Sounds like quality all over the field, per usual in this matchup.
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    Coaching openings
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    Coaching openings

    Has the Alter coach been named yet?
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    State Semifinal Updates and Finals is much, much wider than springfield hs. throw in threats won't be as lethal on that stage.
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    DI SW Regional Final: Springboro v. Moeller

    Moeller's press was fantastic and they really gained momentum in the second half. However, Centerville didn't ask that many questions of their backs. In fact, outside of their goal 4 minutes in, Centerville looked a bit lost entering the final third.
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    R4 Regional Semifinals

    I'm going to avoid predictions on these. Can Mason finish their chances? Can Springboro be dangerous on the counter? Can Moeller generate enough quality looks? Can Centerville finish their set pieces?