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    Division II State Championship: Archbishop Hoban (14-1) vs Toledo Central Catholic (14-1)

    This is going to be a great game and atmosphere. When Hoban played TCC in 2015 Title game the atmosphere was just awesome. I appreciate at Ohio State so the 8-10k fans there was a drop in the bucket in that stadium but it was still loud and fun.
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    D II State Semi-Final: Massillon (12-1) vs Archbishop Hoban (13-1)

    The TV coverage is trash.
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    Region 5 Championship: Hoban v. Hudson

    while I hope Hoban wins, if they lose this is not an upset. Hudson is a well coached good football team. This is going to be a great game. Not to mention the QB is the Geddy Lee of the Gridiron.
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    Week 13 - Division 2 Region 5 Semifinal - Holy War 2.0 - Hoban (11-1) vs SVSM (8-3)

    I'm a Hoban fan. Had a couple kids go there, great experience both in the classroom and on the athletic fields. I hope the rivalry continues/comes back. Its all a cycle. I remember the 9 year run that St. V put on Hoban prior to the 2015 football season. Kids want to play. Let em. My sons...
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    Week 13 - Division 2 Region 5 Semifinal - Holy War 2.0 - Hoban (11-1) vs SVSM (8-3)

    Let's go Hoban! Please show up intense and ready to roll. My heart cannot take the slow starts. I.e. like it seems the last 4 years plays Walsh. Should be a good game the Irish will definitely be up for this one. Stay dry anyone going. I will think of you as I sit in my recliner and yell...
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    Week 13 - Division 2 Region 5 Semifinal - Holy War 2.0 - Hoban (11-1) vs SVSM (8-3)

    I see rain in the forecast though. Let's hope it happens pre or post game!
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    Week 13 - Division 2 Region 5 Semifinal - Holy War 2.0 - Hoban (11-1) vs SVSM (8-3)

    The atmosphere for this game should be awesome. Agree with Brian, let's hope both sides clean things up so this game is just about execution and who wants it more.
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    Any update on how healthy Hoban's defense is? Rumor had it that the Ed's beatdown left the Knights with some nagging injuries.
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    best team you’ve seen in person

    2013 or 2014 - Whatever year St. Vincent St. Mary had Booker, Campbell, Williams and a cast of other guys who's names escape me as seniors That team was just great to watch. If I recall they had a defensive line that had brothers that wrestled and an end that played football at Akron. That...
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    Archbishop Hoban vs. St. Edward

    I lean towards Hoban but wow St. Ed's looked good. Defense was fun to watch. Good luck the rest of the way!
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    2022 St. Edward Football

    I think this game will be vanilla. neither team will want to show anything into playoffs. Hope Hoban wins, but the Eagles obviously are very good. The kids will want to win very much on both sides, but I think both head coaches will be thinking down the road.
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    Akron Holy War- 2022- Hoban @ SVSM

    The DB04 mention was pure genius and brought a smile to my face!
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    Archbishop Hoban at Walsh Jesuit

    My only concern is that Hoban has a let down from last week and starts slow. Walsh will pounce if they do that. Hoban has to show up to play from down 1.
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    Region 5 Championship- Archbishop Hoban vs. Walsh Jesuit

    I am going with Hoban in a close one due to experience in big environment, but Walsh will be fired up with an opportunity for the Warriors to silence the doubters due to strength of schedule. I think this comes down to the Hoban Defense against Walsh's offence. Hoban Offense is so one...
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    St.V-St.M 2022

    I noticed a couple of comments about Hoban above, but I think Walsh Jesuit's rise would also be on my mind. Coach T and Coach Alexander definitely have things continuing in and moving in the right direction. I too remember when CYO games were played at Green Street are they still? I also...
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    #5 Walsh Jesuit @ #1 Cleveland Benedictine

    Hoban has to beat Nordonia first. The one dimensional Hoban offense might catch up with them this week.
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    Hoban's Tim Tyrrell to the University of Akron?

    If Miami is the cradle of coaches, Akron is the graveyard of coaches. Coach T has done a great job at Hoban, but D1 is a different animal. I will be interested to see where Arth ends up. Akron and Kent always recruit where they think the grass is greener. N.E. Ohio Western PA has so much...
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    Week 12: #6 Austintown Fitch (7-3) vs #3 Hoban (8-3)

    Let's go Hoban! Be ready to play. I don't know much about Fitch, but from what I have read, this is going to be a great game to watch. Both teams greatly improved since week 1. I am looking forward to watching the game.
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    Ottawa Glandorf @ Van Wert

    It's Schrine Time! let's go Titans. Going to be a great game. I am definitely going to listen to this one in NE Ohio. this one is anyone's game. Good luck to both teams, but let's go Titans.
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    Hoban vs Kettering Alter

    I don't know much about Alter this year, but I have seen Hoban play a few times this year. They are definitely down. DB's have a lot of growing to do, O-line not as dominant as years past, and the verdict is still out on QB. A bit of a rebuilding year, but definitely not as strong as years...