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    Solon/Euclid week 8 will not be played.

    Probably the most in-depth and adult comment in this thread. The Euclid Police blotter explains itself with all that is happening around the Euclid schools. On top of that, it's not just the students but the adults as well. I applaud Solon for taking safety first with their school. They offered...
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    Caitlin Clark

    Iowa getting 11 1/2 points in their game tonight. Hmmmm, is that a stretch?
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    Girls Championship games on TV ?

    Will any of these girls division championship games be on TV this weekend? Bally sports ?
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    Final Scores (3/4)

    You're correct, you didn't see the game evidently. For a regional championship playoff game, this extreme disparity in free throws took over this game and it's outcome. Letting one team play and the other not, is not how this game should have been called.
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    Final Scores (3/4)

    Midview 62 Solon 59. Midview 20 of 27 at the line. Solon 2 of 3. That is correct. 24 free throw differential.
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    Multiple 1,000 point scorers on same team

    Solon got their third player on the same squad tonight in their win over McKinley. Morgan Blackford hit for 23 to lead all scorers on the night. She needed just 15 to hit 1,000. She joins sister Morgan who is now at 1,500 + and Chyanne Hatcher who is at 1,024.
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    Final Scores (2/28)

    Solon wire to wire over McKinley 61-40. Mackenzie Blackford with 23 points and the 3rd player on this squad to reach 1,000 points. Morgan Blackford now over 1,500 and Chyanne Hatcher at 1,021.
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    Multiple 1,000 point scorers on same team

    2,000 is an incredible feat. What division is that?
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    Multiple 1,000 point scorers on same team

    WOW, great info. Definitely a dominant squad for sure. Solon should have 3 over 1,000 by next Friday with two more games to get their 3rd player. but the squad is not anywhere near as dominant as this Delphos team was. Opponents will be turning up the heat starting next Tuesday.
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    Multiple 1,000 point scorers on same team

    I sure hope others see this post and recollect any past schools/players. Thanks for posting.
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    Multiple 1,000 point scorers on same team

    Has any team that you are aware of had more than two 1,000 point scorers on the same team? How about three? Don't need to be all seniors. Could be seniors and juniors.
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    Final Scores (2/16)

    Solon 89 Ashtabula Lakeside 9
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    2023 Classic in the Country

    And of all things, the shooter, Morgan Blackford, did her best impression of Donovan Mitchell. After missing her second free throw, she flew around the right side to grab the rebound and pass the ball out front as Solon then killed the clock. Lakota West coach was at half court all ready to call...
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    Final Scores (12/30)

    Solon 66 Shaker Hts 53
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    Final Scores (12/19)

    Solon 70 Mentor 35 Solon goes to 8-1
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    Just saw yesterday a detailed preview on with their Top 25 teams. Seems thorough...

    Just saw yesterday a detailed preview on with their Top 25 teams. Seems thorough and informative.
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    Saturday, January 22 Final Scores

    Solon 82 Strongsville 56. Solon stays undefeated in the GCC at 8-0.
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    Wednesday, January 19th Finals

    Solon 64 Medina 61. Solon scored 2 points in the 1st quarter. Was down 19 in the second quarter. Did not lead until 58 seconds left in the game. 33 point 4th quarter and 15 for 17 from the free throw line for the game.. Incredible comeback. Still undefeated in the GCC.